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ml sound labs

  1. touch33

    So Many Cabs...

    Newb XL+ User, and I’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased a few Cab packs (as well as downloaded the FAS “Christmas” packs) so I now have literally THOUSANDS of IR’s on my laptop and 1024 totally-virginal User slots open on my Axe. Question 1: what’s the best (time-efficient) way to decide...
  2. Sacha

    Metal Instrumental featuring Andy James - Q6, ML IRs, GGD Drums

    Hi fellas I made a new track and my buddy Andy James was nice enough to lay down a solo: Checkitout!

    Dizzy V4 SLVR 3 with ML Dizzy K100 in a mix!

    I've already shot the single mic IR's of the K100 pack and I just had to create a mix test. Damnnnnnnn!! :laughing: This is once again one of those stock setting presets and no post EQ on guitars at all so this is exactly what you get without tweaking. :tonguewink: Do you like it? PS. There...
  4. Poparad

    New prog rock double album, with ML Sound cabs, Quantum, and 9-string guitars

    The third album for my prog rock band, Axon-Neuron, just came out today. It's been a long process recording it, but I did the guitars last, so I was able to use Quantum 1.0 into the takes. The second track on this, "Euclid," was one of Mikko's winning tracks for his cab pack contest a few months...
  5. Brock

    Do you like Mikko's production? Now you can learn how he does it!

    Hey all, I did a series breaking down Mikko Logén's production of "First Time" off his band, Clark Kent Job's debut EP, Generation Y (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/generation-y-ep/id1022753026). You can access it here...
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