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  1. ProgressiveRocco


    Hey guys! I've put together a quick mixtest using GetGood Drums Invasion and various IRs from the Mega Oversize and Mars Silver cab packs by @ML SOUND LAB Hope you dig it:)
  2. ProgressiveRocco

    GetGood Drums new IRs / MIXTEST

    What's up dudes!:) Just posted a video demoing a couple of new GGD IRs, all the tones are coming from the AxeFx3 :cool: Check it out!
  3. S

    Please Critique My Mix! (GGD + Darkglass B7K + Schecter KM-7)

    Hey guys, Looking for some of your solid advice on a mix. Just a brief 40 second clip; trying to keep things short and sweet. Any and all advice/comments/tips are welcome. My goal is improvement, so please be as critical as you feel is needed! (tone, mix as a whole, individual instruments...
  4. ProgressiveRocco

    Blink 182 - First Date | MIXTEST

    Take Off Your Pants And Jacket by Blink 182 has always been one of my favorite albums, awesome mix and overall production. I had some fun trying to recreate the tones from the record, all the guitars and bass are AxeFx2 with quite a bit of post processing in the DAW (especially the bass). I've...
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