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midi control

  1. ralphonz

    Arduino Controller - Rotary encoders jumping around

    Hi All, I'm a total novice when it comes to this but hopefully someone with a little more experience can help me out? I'm building a small MIDI controller to use with my Axe FX II. It's four endless rotary encoders (pulled from a BCR2000) connected to an arduino uno. It transmits midi on...
  2. TONYMUSIC1988

    Looking for a controller for Axe-Fx III

    I am looking for a MIDI controller for my AXE III, anyone has a good idea? I got 3 options: 1. AIRSTEP xsonicaudio.com/pages/airstep 2. Morningstar MC6MKII morningstarfx.com/mc6-mkii 3. Harle Benton MP-100 thomann.de/intl/harley_benton_mp_100_midi_foot_controller.htm I really like the AIRSTEP...
  3. ElaNova

    I m a novice, how to use a MIDI foot controller to set a looper for Axe-Fx III?

    I use a Behringer FCB1010 to control my AXE FX-III, I can change the Preset Voices, but I cant enter the MIDI signal to AXE FX-III when it is learning(Only wah pedals and volume pedals see the MIDI learning AXE FX-III input)o_O . On the first page of the MIDI setup, I set up two pedals to...
  4. J

    Scene Change Via MIDI Device?

    I am extremely new to the axe-fx2 unit I have. Im currently trying to figure out how use my midi keyboard pedal to change scenes (or at least jump between a dirty and clean channel). I have MIDI status lighting up when I press the pedal but don't know where to begin from there. Any help...
  5. Dobster

    2018 - Midi Raider - Scene Programming, HELP!

    Ahhh... this seems to be an ongoing problem from back in 2011-12 with no answer. It seems to me that there's no way to set up Scenes still and i've scoured the internet for videos/forum tips etc. Just got my AxFXII XL+ and a Midi Raider and taught myself Midi (never used it outside of...
  6. Tumatauenga

    Can I send MIDI signals from Pro Tools to the Axe-FX III over USB?

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered already. I have an existing track in ProTools and would like to add an instrument track that sends MIDI commands to the Axe-FX III. The goal is the automation of scene changes as the track plays back. I think I can figure out creating appropriate...
  7. J

    Controlling third party synths with the Axe-Fx III

    I am trying to find a way to control the synthesizers and samplers in my daw by playing guitar through the axe fx III. I’m assuming that the axe fx must be converting my guitars audio into midi in order for the synth block to work. So i’m wondering if there’s a way to send that midi data to a...
  8. J

    MIDI Mapping Axe-Fx III with FL Studio

    Hello, I am trying to change presets and scenes with automated midi signals from fl studio. I have read the manual and searched online but I can’t find much clear information for this. If anyone knows how to do it, I would greatly appreciate it!
  9. Genghis

    Odd Idea for Basic MIDI Control for AFX III

    Guys, I'm looking for some pros and cons for controlling my Axe-FK III with a bit of an outside the box idea. I generally use mostly scenes, so I think my idea would work out OK for live, and for in my little studio I tend to overdub things and will usually only use my expression pedals for...
  10. C

    Alternative Foot Controller

    I know this has been covered but a lot of the threads are old and some products have been discontinued and new products have been released. I am a couple of months in to having my Axe FX II XL Plus and absolutely must have some control over this beast and don't want to fork out the MFC-101 cash...
  11. Chris Schneider

    MFC24 USB MIDI Controller Built

    Since I have been using recording software on my PC I have always wanted to be able to control the software via a footswitch to be able to record, play, stop, remove item, arm track, etc. I literally hate using the mouse. I started pursuing a path to develop my own DIY USB MIDI Foot Controller...
  12. ScotteeeRock

    Ready to buy.....but

    Hey everyone, I have been reading and browsing this forum for some months learning everything I can about Axe-FX and AX8. I have the money in my stash to buy either one now, but my hangup is the footpedal--No expression pedal. I have been using Boss GTs since they came out (and still have...
  13. Jose Balbuena

    Help using Midi with Engl Invader II

    Hello, I recently got my fx8 a few days ago and I'm having trouble setting up midi control with my amp. My goal was to create a preset and have my amp switch channels with the scenes. I've looked thru the manual but I'm a complete noob and still can't get it to work :cry:. If anyone has the time...
  14. A

    Sending midi control change messages with scene changes

    I have an axe-fx II XL, MFC-101 III and a JVM H410. The JVM allows for channel selection via midi in control change signals. The way the JVM does it is by going into midi learn mode while a particular tone is set on the amp, and then when it receives a control change midi signal, it remembers...
  15. MBure


  16. Nakul Sharma

    Logic Pro X and Axe fx 2 MIDI Preset Change

    Hi guys, I have a gig coming up this Wednesday. Will be playing through some backing tracks. I dont have midi pedal board for my Axe soI want to know how we integrate Axe Fx 2 with Logic Pro X. If someone can help me step by step. I watched on youtube regarding this but they were on Logic pro...
  17. ghost219

    Send MIDI Clock from AX8-IT JUST CAN'T

    The manual says the AX8 can send MIDI CC's out to other devices. I'm trying to figure out how to control tap tempo on my H9's from my AX8. All I'm seeing is MIDI PC's. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks! EDIT: Nvm. Finally found where none of the Fractal units are capable of sending MIDI...
  18. vaultnaemsae

    FAMC LF+ JR+ Problems

    Hi All, I've read the wiki doc for LF+Axe-FX setup (more than several times!) and the writer(s) seem to be really knowledgeable about the device. First up, Thanks to GotMetalBoy for writing the wiki. I'm sure many LF users wouldn't have had any luck learning it without his efforts. Also this...
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