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mfc 101

  1. R

    Have a gig tomorrow. MFC 101 not working. Help!

    I just sold my MFC 101 thru Reverb (to fund my Axe3:)). Was working fine for me, but buyer (who has a pro gig tomorrow) says when he connected it via ethernet and it says "axe fx name timeout!". Do you have any idea why? Thanks so much.
  2. R

    Need XA-1 Adapter for Axe-Fx II - Any ideas where to find one?

    Need to find an XA-1 Faslink Adapter. Anyone know where I can buy one? Been using an ethernet cable for years, so it was never an issue before. However, I want to switch to FASLINK now, and discovered it is no longer available. Google was no help, as it appears there is no stock of new ones...
  3. Joseph J C

    Bug? Preset lost!

    I accidentally unplugged my MFC 101 midi cable cleaning my studio today and plugged it right back in to find that the preset I was working on (preset #407) was replaced with factory preset #141 "Introspection". Rebooted with and without the mfc101 plugged in and nothing, I tried to reverting on...
  4. rocstar688

    AXE FX II wireless to MFC101?

    Queston... Anyway, (or is this just wishful thinking) to go completely wireless from an AXE FX II to the MFC 101. I currently run MIDI to it from the AXE FX II which also powers it. Trying to find a solution to eliminate the cord from the AXE FX II to the pedal.
  5. Y


    Hey Guys, For sale is my AXE-FX II XL+, MFC 101 MKIII, EV-1 pedal, Novo 24 pedalboard and bag, Gator 3U case, as well as the MFC glow in the dark kick tags. Does not include any cables. Package price $2,400 shipped. Never gigged. Ismoke free studio, literally bought this and installed into my...
  6. M

    How to assign non-consecutive presets to switches 1 to 5?

    Hi all, I've been looking for this for a while and can't find it... What am I doing wrong? Can this be done? Say you wanna program preset 34 on IA01 for clean and preset 247 on IA02 as your distortion. Super simple setup. Every single video I see talks about changing effects on IA buttons but no...
  7. guitarfreak365

    FS AxeFX II mark II+MFC101 mark II+OSP 3U Road Case+25ft Cat6 cable $1750

    You will get an AXE FX II mark II and MFC 101 mark II with a OSP road case 3U rack and a cat 6 Ethernet cable (25ft) that you can use to power and control the MFC 101 from the AXE II. I am the original owner of all the items. I have gigged with these but the AXE has been in the rack so the AXE...
  8. M

    WTB Anyone selling MFC-101?

    I live in Australia, looking to by a MFC-101 foot pedal for my axe fx 2 mark 2. Cheers
  9. AminorZmajor

    FS Reduced MFC 101 Mk II

    Fractal MFC 101 MK II in excellent condition. Includes Faslink adapters, power adapter, ethercon cables and labels. Only used in smoke free home. Packed in original box. $500.00 + shipping.
  10. T

    Wish MFC 101 & Dunlop Volume X Calibration Issues

    For some reason, when I go calibrate the pedal it only goes up to level 2 or 3 min & maximum despite the pedal being all the way up/down. I know the pedal is in perfect working condition cause when used as just a volume pedal it is consistent. It just doesn't want ro calibrate. I've tried a...
  11. V

    MIDI Phantom Power and FASLink

    Hey guys, I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on this for me. I've had an XL+ for a couple of years and I've been using an older DMC Ground Control board to control it. That takes a 7-pin MIDI cable and I plug in the power block for it into the back of the AxeFX to provide phantom...
  12. S

    MFC-101 no longer available?

    Hello, i just visited the Fractal Shop and the G66 Shop and in both the MFC is not available anymore. Is this because the new tariffs are hitting imports from china right now, or has this other reasons? I hope the MFC will soon be available again :)
  13. M

    FS Axe Fx II w/MFC-101

    Hi All, https://reverb.com/item/13317257-fractal-audio-axe-fx-ii-with-mfc-101-black I have for sale an Axe FX II with MFC-101 in Excellent condition save for some rack rash around the mounting holes of the Axe Fx and a few scuffs on the MFC. Still works perfectly. Plastic still on the screen...
  14. fuzzy.pinetree

    What am I doing Wrong??

    I got that "Axe FX Name Timeout" thing on the MFC-101 Mk3. So I rushed back and turned the Axe FX off, but then none of my switches on the MFC would do anything. It looked normal, but nothing changed when I'd press a switch. I'm using Faslink with an Axe FX II XL+. XLR from Faslink jack on the...
  15. Igal Michael

    Axe FX Ultra & MFC-101 MK III, Lag/Tremolo problem

    Dear Axe FX users, I have recently bought an MFC 101 MK III so I can change presets in live performances, The problem is, there is delay/lag when switching presets, and audio is cutting, like it's tremolo, the problem fixes itself after 1 minute of switching to the preset, but it's not good for...
  16. S

    MFC 101 (not working)

    During a rehearsal, my MFC suddenly just shut off. Does anyone have an idea of what went out on it?
  17. O

    Change MCF-101 Looper Mode IA Switch MIDI CC Message?

    Hi, is it possible to change the MIDI CC Messages or Toggle/Momentary functions that MCF sends when it is in looper mode (REVEAL)? I bought the MFC-edit but it seemes it can't be done. When I'm in looper mode and I press IASw 1 for the first time it sends CC #28 with value 127. When I press...
  18. S

    Newbie Needs Help! (MFC + Dunlop DVP3)

    Hi, I'm a relatively new AxeFx II user and a new member to the forum. I am currently trying to setup my Dunlop Volume X DVP3 as an expression pedal via a TRS cable into the MFC 101. I would like to use it for Whammy, wah etc.. I've watched every expression pedal setup videos on youtube, read...
  19. M

    Axe FX II Looper vs. Boss RC-30

    Quick questions guys!! I'm a new Axe FX II user (and I love it, and will never return, and etc. etc.) I don't have the MFC-101 yet, but it's my next big purchase. No new vinyl player, house stuff, etc. before the MFC 101 is a reality for me. So I have a question... Not long ago I bought the...
  20. Flyman1955

    On the horizon

    I am currently using AXE Fx II and MFC 101 III. I am considering moving to the Ax8 for portability. Has anybody heard of any new models coming from fractal in the near future? Just thought i would throw that out there.
  21. simonetron

    WTB Axe II MK II or XL+ with MFC-101

    hello there! i finally got the money to buy the best fx proc in the world! WTB an axe II MKII or xl+ shipped (only EU) with MFC-101. Show me what you've got!
  22. R

    New Standard User - Looking for MIDI controller advice

    Hello all, Just got a Standard for a steal to get my feet wet in the Fractal world - love it so far. Now i'm looking for MIDI control and have a few questions. Is the ground control pro a suitable alternative to the MFC-101? What about the Roland FC300 or whatever its called? I dont see many...
  23. MBure


  24. Dale Faulkner


    Does the MFC 101 come with a connection cable? I just opened the box and there is just the adaptor with it. Was i supposed to order the cable separate? And if so what is the best cable to use? Not sure if they forgot to put in box.
  25. Muad'zin

    Cannot get a 2nd expression pedal to work

    Hi, I've got an Axe FX II XL+ controlled by the MFC101 through the faslink cable and I cannot get a second expression to work. They're both plugged into the MFC. The first one is in Ext.2 and works perfectly as it should. At first I had the other one in Ext.1 but that only seems to function as a...
  26. mrtheedge2u

    Review of Ultra + MFC to the AX8 Transition

    So, I've now had the AX8 for about 60 days now. The best way I can describe moving from the Ultra (which I absolutely loved) to the AX8, is like this: Imagine watching TV on an old tube TV from 1984, and then bypassing SD, HD, and skipping to 4K HD. The resolution and clarity in the sound &...
  27. M

    Wish Ax8 with MFC 101

    Hi guys, i wish the Ax8 could be able to communicate bidirectional with the MFC 101. The MFC can control the AX8 over midi but it don't communicate the state of the stompboxes in presets or scenes. Some of us use an external midi Controller to have more possibilities with the AX8, it will be...
  28. Misfit74

    MFC-101 and Wah, SP-1 Preset Change Problem

    Has anyone else had an issue with their MFC-101, Axe-Fx II XL +, and Mission SP-1 pedal having the Wah block lock on and affect negatively a preset change? I use a boosted lead patch with Wah/Vol in two separate (rhythm and lead) presets. When I switch back to my rhythm patch and if I don't turn...
  29. mrtheedge2u

    Wish "Bank Style" for AX8 - Scrolling presets, auto-engaging presets

    Hey Guys, I moved from the AxeFx with the MFC to the AX8. Was hoping someone could help me out. I have my AX8 set up to have 8 presets (no scenes). The FS1, FS2, and FS3 switches are set to be tuner, bank up, and bank down. When you bank up or down, it automatically changes the preset...
  30. Dan Lynch

    Bright lights!

    I'm new to Fractal so sorry in advance if these topics came up previously. I don't even know if this is the correct place for this post. I just received my XL+ and MFC M3 recently. Do they make tiny sunglasses for these insanely bright lights on this thing? I'm slightly concerned about summoning...
  31. MikaelAlmgren

    MFC-101 original MIDI thru

    Hey, I went at this "problem" about a year ago, and wasn't able to solve it, so I thought I'd give it another go as things might have changed with firmware etc. So, here goes... I have the MFC-101 original floorboard that I'm using with the Axe-FX II mk 2. Does anyone know if it is possible to...
  32. X

    Wish Ability to disable and/or reassign the reveal button

    Hi all, firstly I have to own up, I have big clumsy feet! As a result I would be very interested in having the ability to disable the reveal button and/or reassign it to a CC. I don't use reveal day to day and sometimes I accidentally hit it without noticing, shortly after chaos usually...
  33. U

    Bug? MFC freezes..

    Hi, I hope I can describe the problem.. When I use a setlist and step on the bank up switch (holding it) and "beat" the last song then the MFC totally freezes in. No button is working anymore. Only disconnecting the power helps to make it work again. If I stop 2-3 songs before the setlists last...
  34. Rexxyboy

    Suggested tweak to the user manual

    On page 4, where it says a. Change USB ADAPTER MODE to “ON”. b. Change SEND REALTIME SYSEX to “NONE”please add: PLEASE ADD c) Change MIDI THRU to off. In all my Fractal Bot and MFC experiences, leaving this on when SENDING data FROM my MFC TO Fractal bot results in files around 67k in size...
  35. Hoosierdaddy

    R U -Considering or waiting on an AX 8 or other Fractal Audio product ??????

    What they don't tell you ...... Be prepared !!!!!!! Fractal is a whole new world of Music making .. just be aware of the things they didn't tell you ..... up front .. A.) you`ll never be the same again. B.) it is addictive . and so far there is no therapy available ,except = play on ,and on...
  36. Johan Jansen

    Need help, Holland/ Germany

    Hi, I'm a strange fish in this pond, I play pedalsteel and use the FX2 and MFC mk3 on pedalsteel. It sounds very good on it. I need someone who can help me for a day with setting up the MFC for me and with me , so that I can easily work with presets and learn on the spot. In change for that I...
  37. musicman0001

    How do I update MFC without midi connector on PC

    Setup: MFC101 - UTP networkcable - AXE FX mkii - USB to PC Can I update my MFC trough AXE fx in this case or do I need a different setup? note: no midi in/out on PC & no mfc edit program
  38. Charles Picard

    Mfc-101 froze during a show, stuck on the same preset

    Have you guys ever experienced this ? Last saturday, I was playing a show with my band and without noticed my mfc froze. I tried to change preset but nothing happened, the preset numbers changed, but I was stuck on the preset I was using. Then I had something like Axe fx time out written on the...
  39. acidfrost

    Can the AX8 replace the MFC?

    Hey people! I currently have an Axe-FX 2 MK2 and a MFC MK3. I like the setup but for smaller gig it's a lot to bring (Rack, MFC with expressions, Guitars, Atomic CLR). I'm looking at the AX8, but I also use the Axe-FX for more complicated effects and to record/reamp, so I want to keep it too...
  40. N

    New to MFC 101

    Hey all, Just bought a Axe Fx 2 and MFC 101 today. Complete noob with how the MFC works, so wondering if there is anyway that I can assign different presets to different buttons on the MFC? I use 3 different tones when I play live (Rhythm, Lead, Clean) and need to switch between them quickly so...
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