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  1. Jason Scott

    "Childhood's End" (not Pink Floyd related) - Original melodic instrumental

    This is a laid back and melodic piece I worked on last week and finally got a chance to finish using the latest firmware(reamped). It's completely unrelated to Pink Floyd's song of the same name.
  2. J00McG00

    New Jams

    Sup dudes, made some new music with the AxeFxIII! Check it out! @ccroyalsenders I hope I make you proud with my shitty lead playing!
  3. Stel Andre

    Laid Back Synth Jam with Axe-Fx 3 | Stel Andre

    Hey all! A good friend of mine lend me his Axe-Fx 3 for a spin and the only thing I can say, is that this unit is beyond amazing! Powerful, solid and responsive with top notch quality of sounds. I jammed using these 2 cool Synth sounds and at the end my favourite Vox Ac 15 with some tweaking...
  4. Stel Andre

    Soulful Guitar Solo | Stel Andre

    Hey all! Here's a great tone that I am using whenever I wanna play something very melodic and smooth. Andy Timmons like! So I am using my Kiesel 6 string, into my Axe-Fx 2 and I am using one of my signature Axe-Fx 2 patches based on a VoxAC amp. Lovely tone, very dynamic and responsive under the...
  5. syndrone

    Entirely self-produced quality instrumental guitar album here (all Axe-Fx II)! :)

    Hi people! I released an entirely self-produced instrumental album in March and I`m sure some people in here might have some fun listening to it. It got loads of melodies with shreddy moments, all wrapped up in a futuristic and post-apocalyptic sounding environment..... Pretty happy how it...
  6. Andrea Maccianti


    Here my attempt :) Patch available also for AX8. Custom IR'S included.
  7. F

    Modern Metal Sample

    one year without my axe fx , he is back again , so , here is a little sample.
  8. C

    FAS Brootalz is a monster

    Just a demo showing my Brootalz setting in a funky tuning with a low F. Handles it really well.
  9. Jason Scott

    Melodic Backing Track - Outfield Style

    This is a fairly short backing track I put together in the style of The Outfield using the AFX XL+, EZDrummer 2, and a K2600.
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