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mark v

  1. G

    Accurate low-end in Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, Mark V, JP-2C

    The low-end tightness of the Mesa Boogie Mark series is particularly tough to model/capture. This thread is about how to get the low-end right in the Axe Fx 3. Let's start with ML Sound Lab's attempt in 2018 to model the Mark V. In the following clip, a real Mark V with tight bottom-end is...
  2. Jack_Zan

    Dream Theater - "Strange Deja Vu" Tone Match

    hi guys, I tried to make a tonematch of the sound of petrucci from scenes from a memory, for me the best sound it had. I found online some isolated guitars from the album and so I got to work, for those wishing to try the patch the download link is in the video description! let me know about it!
  3. toneseeker911

    FS Mesa Boogie Mark V 90W head

    Selling my mark V head along with the following goodies 4 Winged C EL34 tubes (https://www.thetubestore.com/winged-c-sed-el34) Re-tubed some of the preamps with sovtek LPS, JJ and Ruby tubes (I will also give you the original mesa tubes) Re-tubed the power section with new 6L6 power tubes 5UG...


    First it's the Axe-Fx III and second is my real Mark V. (the ground noise should give it away) Not 100% sure if you know me but a quick recap is that I love real amps, I love the Axe-Fx, I even like a couple of other modelers. The amp that I believe most modelers struggle with is Mesa Boogie...

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV - FREE AXE-FX III PRESET

    The Mesa Mark IV has a special meaning to me. It's the amp I had been playing for years when I finally traded it for a Standard Axe-Fx so many years back. I can be honest to myself now and admit that as long as I can get a convincing Mark IV sound out of any modeler, the amp modeling has to be...
  6. A

    Wish More than 2 Midi Footswitches

    I could use more than 2 midi footswitches. For my setup, 4 would be fantastic and add a lot of flexibility. I'm using my FX8 to also drive amp switching on my Mesa Mark V via an RJM mini amp gizmo. I'm using 1 at the moment for my boost/solo selection which works tidily, and I'm having to use...
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