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magnum 44

  1. Cem

    Pink Noise coming through speaker with EHX Magnum 44

    Hi, I just laid my hands on a new EHX Magnum 44 to use with my AX-8 and Suhr 1x12 Badger Cabinet. There is 65 dB SPL (measured from mic'in distance of a cab) constant Pink Noise coming out of the Speaker, when Magnum is connected to the speaker. Bright Switch off, Volume at 9.00. It goes...
  2. Uluevli

    Axe fx 2 makes noise when plugged into ehx magnum 44

    Hey guys.. I have too much noise when i plugged axe fx 2 xl output to ehx magnum 44 then to marshall 1936 lead cabinet. There is so loudy noise. Beside when i powered my analog pedalboard with exh magnum 44 everything is superfine no ground noise.. does anyone guess why it happens ?
  3. Smittefar

    Ax8 with EHX Magnum 44

    I have a ported 1x12 (like the Bogner Cube) that I am not really using these days, since I am mostly going direct to FOH, but I thought I might use it as a grab 'n' go setup with my Ax8. This requires a power amp, but I will only be doing this once or twice a year. I thought about the Magnum 44...
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