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  1. Sauro_on_guitar

    testing the "stack" option on some effects...

    in the new Axe Fx3 firmware there's a very cool option ... in many effects (delay, reverbs etc ...). It is possible to freeze the sound... ok, nothing innovative but wait! ...unlike the "hold" function of other gear there's something new here! With this so called "stack" you can freeze the...
  2. Z

    Looper and Changing Presets

    Its my understanding that when the Looper is playing audio and you change presets, there is a gap in audio? Will this be addressed (I imagine by making the Looper a Global Block) in the future? Is this on the Wish List ;) Or maybe already addressed ?
  3. maxolla

    LOOPER block dream

    Last night I had a dream only to awake from it in a cold sweat. In my dream my Axe looper block had 4 different lines that synced to each other and all lines could be different lengths. I had a similar dream where there were two looper blocks that could be placed anywhere in the chain. Any...
  4. Conley Shepherd

    Finally at a place of comfort with the Axe-Fx III

    well, been 2 months and finally at a place where I am happy with the setup. I am able to access all scenes on demand with no clicking up and down the list, the looper, tuner, tap tempo, external controllers, patch changes with controller display of patch and scene selection. The controller shows...
  5. Conley Shepherd

    Command sequence to bring up Looper screen

    Is there a sequence of commands to bring up the looper window on the AXE III remotely? If so, what are they?
  6. Conley Shepherd

    New Voes MX-12 - how to program for looper?

    I just got my MX-12 a couple hours ago and I really like the way it interrogates the AF3 for patch names and such. scene selection is a breeze as well. basic setup is pretty easy. I am able to get 5 p[resets and 4 scenes out of the box with tap and tuner in the window. Nice! The ability on...
  7. A

    Looper Settings Help Needed (FC-12)

    Hi, I'm coming from a large pedal board setup where I had an EHX 720 stereo looper. See the picture This EHX 720 worked like this: You press and held to record, and as soon as you lifted up off the foot switch you were holding - TWO THINGS happened, the recording stopped and it started to play...
  8. Vito80

    AX8 looper does not stay in sync with the click/metronome

    Hi, I have this issue with my Ax8 that the looper does not stay in sync with the click/metronome. I have tried to play something slow and short loops to be really precise on my playing, but after 10 or so repeats the looper will get off sync. This is really irritating, naturally. Is this...
  9. Douglas Baldwin

    Preset Looper Length?

    Is there a way to "arm" the looper in advance so that when I open a patch, the looper is preset to a certain length?
  10. DanielB

    Question About "Global" Looper Behavior

    I normally do 4CM into my tube amp, but I recently needed to drop it off for repairs. So now I am going directly into an RME Babyface Pro (with no 4CM obviously) and into my Laptop + a simple amp sim, with the FX8 doing all the FX. It sounds pretty good. Here's what strange. I have the Looper...
  11. trancegodz

    Implemented 1/2 speed function for Looper

    Please add the Half Speed function to the Looper that's on all the other Fractal Audio products.
  12. G

    Redo for AX8 Looper

    I have an Ax8 on front of me and I'm ready for it to replace my Amp, Multi FX Pedal and my Looper, but I can't pull the trigger without a Redo for the Looper function. I lay down the percussion on my initial loop, then overdub the music. Then when I need to go to another part, I just 'Undo' so...
  13. jrgg

    AX8 with a line out for just the looper

    Hello. I need to send just the output of what I play into the looper,(not what I play over it), to another musicians monitor. Can anyone suggest the way to achieve this? Maybe with the Fx loop in the AX-8? I use both XLR outs in stereo so those are tied up. Thanks. Jim
  14. HurdyGuigui

    Wish More instances of Looper block

    I would like to be able to have several instances of the looper block, just like any other effect :). At least 2 instances, but 4 if possible. Each looper would have his own assignable midi/FC controls Use cases : 1 - Differents parts of a song : You can record a verse in Looper 1 You can...
  15. LucasLeCompte

    Gettin Loopy With The Axe Fx III Looper

    Explored the Looper and put it through it's paces.I really like the looper because it makes building patches so much easier!
  16. trancegodz

    Looper in the Axe FXIII

    I thought I'd read that in the Axe FXIII that you didn't have to add a Looper block for the Looper to work, and that it would be automatically available in all presets. I tried it today and nothing worked. Was that something they were thinking about and decided not to do? I had to add a Looper...
  17. Henry

    Implemented Looper: Hitting ONCE while in RECORD should stop recording but not start playing immediately

    The current looper control does not allow for a loop to stop and not play immediately. At least I have not found a way so far. The II looper implemented this by: - stopping the recording when you hit Record (while recording) - and setting the Immediate Play to Off. The III looper goes into...
  18. Carmacore

    Control looper and other momentary switches from DAW

    Hi Guys, my II is now back from repair after the fire in my rehearsal room and while I´m about to create all the old sounds again I also want to get rid of my MFC live. Changing of presets and scenes as well as expression curves work propertly. But i just cant force the looper to do his work...
  19. W

    How to set up Looper without MFC-101

    I have the Axe FX ii mark ii and I'm stumped on how to set up the looper. I have a midi foot controller and I see that the midi numbers for the looper record/play functions are #28,29. But when I hit those numbers on my foot switch, the looper doesn't activate, the patch just changes. I know I'm...
  20. izappa

    Volume on looper - always louder than what I recorded

    I am missing something simple on the looper. When I record, what gets played back is always louder than what i recorded. If I go into its config, I can decrease the gain and quiet it, but I am guessing there's a reason for this behavior I could correct. BTW - this is for any of my presets or...
  21. O

    Change MCF-101 Looper Mode IA Switch MIDI CC Message?

    Hi, is it possible to change the MIDI CC Messages or Toggle/Momentary functions that MCF sends when it is in looper mode (REVEAL)? I bought the MFC-edit but it seemes it can't be done. When I'm in looper mode and I press IASw 1 for the first time it sends CC #28 with value 127. When I press...
  22. M

    Axe FX II Looper vs. Boss RC-30

    Quick questions guys!! I'm a new Axe FX II user (and I love it, and will never return, and etc. etc.) I don't have the MFC-101 yet, but it's my next big purchase. No new vinyl player, house stuff, etc. before the MFC 101 is a reality for me. So I have a question... Not long ago I bought the...
  23. N

    Help with Looper

    Can anyone tell me how to extend the amount of time the MFC gives you to loop a chord progression/bass line etc.? The factory setting only lets you record around a 3 second loop. Thanks.
  24. APE


    When I want to trigger the solo sound right after recording a loop and start the playback (without having to reconfigure things on the fly). 1) Switch to Looper mode (Footswitch 8) 2) Hit REC and begin playing rhythm 3) Exit Looper mode (Footswitch 8) 4) Finish playing rhythm and immediately...
  25. Mincer

    Wish Global Looper Option

    I'd love a user-selectable Global Looper function at the cost of some CPU. If you could select between per-preset and global, then it would avoid the 30-50ms gap when you change presets with the looper running (even with the same grid position and settings). People who don't need this would not...
  26. JRFarmer

    Single switch looper control... is it possible?

    I'd love to have a single footswitch for looper control. Is this possible? Something like this... First push: Begin recording. Second push: End recording, begin playback. Third push: End playback.
  27. Panturnio

    Wish Dual track looper

    It would be super cool if AX8 have a dual track looper, like Electro Harmonix 22500 or Tc Electronic Dittox4. I own the EH, and I use it with my acoustic guitar. I just record a single bar of percussions (tapping on my guitar) and then I'm free to record another indipendent track with some...
  28. Feodor Saveliev

    Cross patch looper use

    Fracmates! Before apply topic to wish dpt could you please educate me a bit - is it possible to switch patches while using looper or only scenes? I think it may be handy to have looper patch independent to create entire guitar mix and try different sounds while being not limited by a patch...
  29. B

    Two or more loops for same patch?

    Had Axe Fx for a while, but want to know if its possible to use the looper to record and play back two or more loops using the same patch. I use to have a boomerang looper unit. I liked that you could immediately record, save, and switch between two or more loops and play over them. Right...
  30. Mincer

    Wish Looper Feedback parameter

    I'd love the looper to have some sort of feedback parameter, like a long delay. You can vary it as you play. This would work in overdub or not, and would affect anything that was recorded. You can have new stuff added to the loop as old stuff fades away, or fade loops away while playing live...
  31. Smittefar

    Looper: Stop recording and start playback using Modifier?

    So, here's what I want to do I want to use my scene 1 sound to record a loop, and then I want to solo using my scene 2 sound. So I want to start recording when I am in scene 1, but then when I hit scene 2, I want playback to start. According to the AxeFX manual, this should be doable. I...
  32. ElliottShredsGuitar


    Hey guys, I downloaded this patch in hopes to finding out how to use the looper in the axe fx xl+ but I still have no idea. If anyone could download this patch and maybe give me some advice on how to get started I'd greatly appreciate it. I also do not have the foot controller so I'm having to...
  33. ElliottShredsGuitar

    How to use looper in Axe FX ii XL+

    I was wondering if there is any way to use the looper in the Axe Fx ii XL+ without having any of the foot controllers?
  34. Rick C

    Can the looper be triggered by a simple footswitch?

    Can a simple on/off foot switch be used as a trigger for starting/stopping the looper? I have a pair of old Roland DP2 switches (non-latching) I have used with drum machines and keyboards. I thought i'd better ask before trying.
  35. silk

    Looper bug

    when in PRE OUT position, there is a noise during transition from END to START. Overdubbing get worse. Help!
  36. SoProg

    Wish External Looper Storage

    Ok, this one is pretty out there... but I would really love a way to take the looper pedal off my board, and be able to trigger samples in the AX8 looper. I was thinking this could possibly work by attaching a flash stick or something similar (a Fractal proprietary one even... I'd pay!) to the...
  37. bwill81

    Looper Question

    Does anyone know if it's possible (if so, how) to assign the Looper Control on/off function that normally resides on switch 8 to an external switch? My apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere.
  38. Voldemort

    Route Looper output to different amp/monitor

    Do any of you guys run the looper block output to a separate amp or monitor? I find that the looper playback tends to fight with the dry signal a bit if everything is coming out of the same speaker. If I do this by routing the looper block through output 2 and to a separate monitor, will I...
  39. brianv4

    Using the Looper in 2 Presets

    i set up a clean super verb preset and a lead IIc+ preset both with the looper. When I record a loop with the clean then switch to the lead preset and there's a gap in the audio when switching. Is this something that can be tweaked in future FW updates or just a fact of life in Axe8 world? I...
  40. K


    i have the axefx2 with a mfc101. Is it possible to permanitly save a loop? for example if i record a riff with the looper and then power off my axefx2. then turn the axefx back on . can i go back to that saved riff without playing it again? thanks kev
  41. actionjackson12


    Anyone else feel like they spend more time "programming" than playing? I would love to see how others approach using the axe-fx MKII/MFC-101 to really simplify, control, and access everything quickly and effortlessly...like a traditional rig (I miss having 5 knobs to control my amp etc.) MY...
  42. P

    Using fcb1010 with axe fx ultra as looper

    When I record a loop I want to change presets and play a different sound over the loop. However, when I change presets the loop stops. Im using fcb1010 with uno and axe fx ultra. Ive set up the fcb so my top row are my looper functions , with rec set as a momentary switch(when I release it, it...
  43. Jurek

    FX8: The Looper goes with the metronome klick asynchron.

    Guten Abend, mein Englisch ist schwach, hilfreich mr google :)...... Mein Problem: 1) Der Looper geht mit dem Metronom, den ersten 2 bis 3 Wiederholungen korrekt synchronisiert. Aber nach, dass die zwei von ihnen (das Aufzeichnungsmaterial und Metronom-Klick) gehen Überstunden immer asynchron...
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