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  1. maxolla

    LOOPER block dream

    Last night I had a dream only to awake from it in a cold sweat. In my dream my Axe looper block had 4 different lines that synced to each other and all lines could be different lengths. I had a similar dream where there were two looper blocks that could be placed anywhere in the chain. Any...
  2. JRkelley

    Looper best practices

    Looks like most players are using the Looper block at the very beginning of the signal chain or within a send/return right before the output block. What are the benefits of each approach, and are there other ways of using this that might be better?
  3. G

    Redo for AX8 Looper

    I have an Ax8 on front of me and I'm ready for it to replace my Amp, Multi FX Pedal and my Looper, but I can't pull the trigger without a Redo for the Looper function. I lay down the percussion on my initial loop, then overdub the music. Then when I need to go to another part, I just 'Undo' so...
  4. Dommak89

    Where to put a Looper in the effects chain?

    So I'm thinking about buying a Boss RC-3, a loop station (not a loop switch). Now I want to be able to play something for example distorted, record it with the looper, and play something clean along. My question is: How do I connect said pedal to my rig so that it does exactly that. My Axe Fx...
  5. houstonwehaveuhoh

    Axe II/MFC with DL4 Loops

    Suh dudes, I picked up an Mk.II and MFC over the weekend, and I'm loving it so far! One thing it can sorta replace but not in a way I'd like (as far as I can figure out, anyway), is the looping feature on more than one Line 6 DL4. Ideally, I would like to run the two of them before the amp in...
  6. silk

    Wish loop's function "cancel" - SOLVED

    A switcher with this function would be useful to delete immediatly a first recording not good. Actually, if I'm not wrong, we can't stop the first recording but only start the loop and then stop it.
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