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  1. F

    Can I Automate Wah/Whammy on EV1 Pedal in Logic Pro?

    I play in a band and we are using Logic Pro to run our click tracks. I just recently learned how to automate my presets on the FM9 in Logic Pro so all my presets and scenes change automatically with the click, but I am also wondering if there is a way I can automate my expression pedal so I...
  2. D

    AX8 Edit Communication Problems when Logic is open

    Hey, so Ive been using Ax8 Edit and differnet daws for years now and I never had this problem - started with Sierra update and Im working on an M1 Mac mini - basically when I'm in my logic project my Ax8 Edit started to timeout / error msg - I figured that its probably some complication with...
  3. M

    [Solved] Logic Pro Crashing with Axe-Edit running

    Hi all, recently upgraded to a Mac Mini M1 after years of using the Axe III and Logic on an Intel based MacBook. I have had a lot of trouble with Logic crashing on me (EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) and EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) errors). After going through most recommended fixes (remove all...
  4. hensh!n_vfs

    Output Routing for Logic Pro X (Using Output 2 Vs Output 1 for Stereo Mixing) - SOLVED (Accessibility Settings)

    I'm wondering how everyone is routing their Axe FX III within Logic Pro X when using the Axe III as their interface. I know a lot of people use additional audio interfaces in conjunction with their III, but I prefer to keep a simple setup. I spend the majority of my time mixing, playing over...

    Connecting Apollo x8p and AxeFX3

    Hi Guys, Maybe that's gonna be a "noob alert" but I'm wondering so I'm asking rather than trying to guess. I got a really good deal on an Apollo x8p and I was wondering how to connect it with my axe 3 ? My questions are : 1 - How can I connect it "Which kind of cable setup" 2 - How should I...
  6. S

    Using Axe-Fx III and Sonarworks Reference 4

    Hey folks! Anyone here using the Axe FX III through the Sonarworks Reference 4 system? I find it very hard to dial in sounds on the Axe because I cannot get the Axe to work through the Reference as it's currently only picks up computer audio and not my guitar input. My headphones are quite...
  7. S

    Axe-Fx III + using Logic-based effects

    Been really rocking my new Axe FX III - stellar stuff! But I've really been trying to wrap my head around routing and tried a bunch of different settings and routings but I can't figure this out: I use a few different effects inside Logic, like Native Instruments Replika which I adore, and...
  8. wtfoley3

    MIDI toggle of an Effects Block from Logic

    Hi, all. Suceeded in setting up a MIDI strip in Logic to change Presets and Scenes on the AXE-FX III with some great help from Greg Summers' YouTube video (link below) as suggested on a threat in this forum. Now, want to have Logic send MIDI messages to AXE-FX III to toggle certain Effects...
  9. Steven Fernandez

    [solved] FM3 Not recording into Logic Pro X

    I am trying for the first time to record directly from my FM3 into Logic Pro X. So I plugged my guitar into input 1 as normal. Output 1 L was plugged into my Monitor. I opened Logic, set the input to 1 + 2 Created an audio track. Set the project settings --> audio to 48kHz Armed the track and...
  10. gumbalaya

    AX8 crash when using Logic Pro X

    Hey everyone. Tried a search and got frustrated not finding the answer, hence a new post. I run my AX8 into Logic Pro via a Scarlett 2i4 (1st gen) either w instrument cable or XLR (using "Line" and no phantom power) and lately after playing for a few mins the AX8 freezes (none of the...
  11. R

    Reamping with AX8 Using Logic Pro X and MOTU Ultralite Mk3

    Hi all, I have been struggling to reamp with the Ax8 using the Logic Pro X and MOTU Ultralite Mk3 interface. I have found multiple videos on youtube but none of them have the routing explained. I am using the Input 3 of the MOTU to record the sample tone and input 4 as the DI. But struggling...
  12. M

    Axe-Fx II Bypassed and silent when Logic Pro is open

    Hi all, new Axe-Fx user here. I'm having some issues with Logic Pro - whenever I open it with the Axe-Fx II running (USB connection to computer) the Axe-Fx flashes 'Bypassed' and no sound is produced. My setup is guitar to front Axe-Fx input, Axe-fx acting as interface with USB connection to...
  13. plasmatic

    Logic Pro X Controlling III (unwanted)

    I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue, when I have Logic open and my III connected via USB, when I change tracks in Logic it is changing scenes in my Axe. It will also bypass blocks. It doesn't matter if my Axe is the audio interface or my Focusrite USB interface. As long as I have the...
  14. kbrown455

    Axe-Fx III & Logic Pro X & YouTube Audio on a Mac

    I have been incredibly successful in failing to accomplish recording backtracks from YouTube into Logic Pro X on a Mac through Axe-Fx III. Does anyone know if this can be done? Thanks!
  15. B

    AX8 Reamping into Logic Pro X

    Howdy people, Recently picked up an AX8, and am having a hard time figuring out how to reamp my AX8 into logic pro X so that I can have a track playing and edit the tone in real time through AX8Edit. Currently, I am able to have my AX8 hooked up to my Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 through XLR...
  16. Kelleys Heroes

    Axe-Fx III for Logic Pro X DI recording

    I'm contemplating the purchase of and Axe-FX iii. For the first few months, while I figure out the learning curve, it will sit in my studio and be used for recording electric, acoustic and bass parts. I use Logic Pro X, and though I haven't been particularly inspired by the stock amp/cab mods...
  17. T

    Simultaneously Record Wet & DI Tracks with an Apollo 8 & LPX

    Hello, this is my first post and request. I just received my Axe-Fx III and it’s off to a good start. I’m running S/PIDF from the Axe to my UAD Apollo 8 Quad (Thunderbolt 2 connection) and when I choose the S/PIDF connection in Logic Pro X (S/F L/R) I get a solid, clean, amazing sound that...
  18. jdiz86

    [solved] Not getting signal, using SPDIF, Fast Track Pro, Axe-Fx Fx II, and Logic

    I'm having issues getting my axe fx to register a signal in Logic. I have my axe fx connected to a fast track pro (FTP) using spdif cables, then my monitors are connected to the fast track pro with trs to xlr cables. audio preferences in logic are set to use fast track pro sample rate in logic...
  19. J

    Issue running Logic Pro X and Fractal

    I am having an issue where as soon as I open logic Pro X on my MacBook it puts all of my blocks in Axe FX into bypass mode. This continues to happen until I close out of logic completely. Not really sure where to begin, I am updated on all of my software and current OSX as well.
  20. A

    Programmed MIDI Swtich won't work with Logic Pro...Help!

    So I programmed some switches into a logic file session and the switches initially worked nicely. I decided I wanted to change one of my tones so I put in a different preset by changing the number in logic (value in the event window). Even though the change was technically there, the old preset...
  21. D

    Using Logic Pro X to change the preset and scene on the AxeFX II

    Pretty self explanatory in the title. I have followed various posts and videos step by step and i am still unable to change the patch i feel i am missing something. I am using the usb connection with the Axe FX II and Logic Pro X
  22. G

    Issues with Axe-Edit and Logic...

    Good morning! I recently installed installed a new version of Logic Pro X and am experiencing the strangest problem.. If I have Axe Edit & Logic open, the volume of my selected track inside Logic increases slowly but surely, about a tenth of a decibel ever 3-4 seconds. It doesn't stop! There...
  23. J

    Logic Pro X and Axe-Fx III compatibility?

    Is there a compatibility issue with the AxeFx III and Logic? I have continually received a notification on the screen stating that the 'Volume "LaCie" is full', referring to the external hard drive I'm using, which has plenty of space on it. This seems to happen mostly when I have a track that...
  24. will romero

    New to the Axe-Fx world

    So I'm currently traveling in Europe and saw the sale price for the AXE FX XL+ and pulled the trigger. I won't be back for 2 months to use the unit so i have time to research and prepare. I currently have a mac with logic pro x, Scarlett 2i4 interface and some M-audio monitors. As far as...
  25. Feodor Saveliev

    Set tempo in Logic Pro X while switching AX8 presets by midi track [?]

    Hi guys! I finally managed to set preset/scenes switching in Logic Pro X and this is just a paradise! It taking some time to program for each part of a song but now I can focus myself on the playing completely so no hassle anymore with tap dance. The only thing to know left is wah automation...
  26. andrémusic

    Jade Telegraph - Half-Duplex EP

    Hey all! I released 2 new tracks today. Can you check them out. I would greatly appreciate the feedback. I used these patches on the axe fx 2 Guitar Leads - Sithu Lead Guitar Rhythm - Monuments Guitar Cleans - Sithu Clean Guitar layers - spaceverb & delay octoplex Bass - Bassguy Drums - EZ...
  27. L

    Just got axe fx 2 and...

    I'm new at using axe fx. I am trying to get my logic pro x to recognize it with the USB but it wont. I was told to download the drivers off of the fractal site first but there are many different things and I dont know which ones to download. Also after I download them, then what? I'm pretty...
  28. L

    AX8 & S/PDIF

    Hi everyone, after digging around I did find some topics related to the AX8 connecting via S/PDIF to interfaces but nothing helpful so far. I recently bought the AX8 and run it via S/PDIF into an Eleven Rack. If I run AX8 -> 11R -> Logic I need to have the assigned track for the AX8 selected in...
  29. Bcraig

    Who uses Apple Logic Pro X On MAC to record tracks

    Hi I am looking for Axe FX users that use Logic Pro X on Mac to record guitar , Any Audio tracks or use drummer etc... and record any video and know how sync up Audio with video I need help please ? God Bless
  30. J

    Equalizing in AMP block vs equalising it in DAW (Axe fx xl+)

    Hi, A noob here :) I was just wondering where do you guys prefer to equalize your guitar tone. Do you do it in the amp block or in something like logic ( which I use)? Where should I be doing it? Thank you
  31. A

    drastic volume change between scenes w/ logic pro

    I've recently started having huge volume changes between my scenes. This seems to only occur when I start up logic pro with ax8 edit on. I'm currently running XLR L out ->focusrite->logic pro. I use Ax8 - Edit while logic is on so I can adjust my tone. I'm wondering if logic is sending midi...
  32. L

    Recording Question -> 3D sound?

    Dear all, Trying to improve my recording quality and would really appreciate your advice on this. I am really impressed about the professional sounding recordings people are posting without any post-processing in the DAW. Tried experimenting today and came across the following: I am recording...
  33. Malcolm P

    Axe Edit mutes track in DAW.

    Hey, guys! I am running into an issue with Axe Edit muting my tracks in sync with the tempo coming from the Axe Fx. I am using an Axe FX II XL plus, Logic Pro X 10.2.4 on MAC OSX 10.11.6. Whenever Axe Edit is closed and not in use everything works fine, but as soon as it opens and connects...
  34. Nakul Sharma

    Logic Pro X and Axe fx 2 MIDI Preset Change

    Hi guys, I have a gig coming up this Wednesday. Will be playing through some backing tracks. I dont have midi pedal board for my Axe soI want to know how we integrate Axe Fx 2 with Logic Pro X. If someone can help me step by step. I watched on youtube regarding this but they were on Logic pro...
  35. J

    Setting Up A Wet and Dry Signal/Track in Logic X

    I have few questions regarding recording in Logic Pro X for those experienced in recording with the Axe-Fx (II XL+) via USB: 1. How do you set up both a wet and dry signal/track? 2. When setting up the track do you choose the option for Input 1 or Input 1 and 2? 3. Once you have the signal...
  36. R

    Midi changes in Logic Pro X

    Here's my situation... I'm using an Axe-Fx 2 XL+. My band has a collection of songs in Logic. Each song is in its own project. Each song has its own midi track for patch changes. What I was wondering is how to copy and paste a midi track into logic so that it will work the same in one project as...
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