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  1. Symbolic

    Guitar Licks Every Day!

    Hello, guys! Every day you can find a new catchy lick on my channel! Not very complex, not very trivial. No useless talk, just small pieces of useful stuff. If you like it - subscribe, share and press "like" button
  2. Cobrango

    Amundsen lick in E minor with awesome video diagram and tab!

    a little Amundsen lick I made using slides, legato, 3-1-3-3 and a little peckin'. try it, it's really fun! once you get the picking pattern down it's easy to get it up to speed, but I don't focus on the speed. this is a great way to connect the modes, explore efficient (economy) picking, try a...
  3. TheTrooper

    Two Clips to show a cool Delay (w/Preset)

    Following my request to get a specific delay sound that JP used back in 1998 (The origianl thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/get-that-kind-of-delay-out-of-the-axe-fx.106679/ ) (and thanks to the help of simeon and Rotti, I should add) I recorded these two little clips to show how...
  4. Kjaris

    Two handed tapping lick free PDF using the new Quantum Firmware with OwnHammer IR's!

    USA IIc+ I use some different mixed IR's from Own Hammer More stuff at kjaris.com!
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