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    Skype Guitar Lessons with Galactic Empire/Powerglove Guitarist

    Hey everyone! My name is Ben Cohen. I am a Fractal Audio Artist, and guitarist for several internationally touring metal bands (Galactic Empire, Powerglove, and Lattermath). Due to tour cancellations from the pandemic, I have some availability over the next few months for Skype guitar lessons...
  2. E

    Using Axe-Fx 3 for guitar lessons over Skype

    I'm trying to get a setup that works well for Skype lessons. I have the following needs: 1. The other person should be able to hear my voice 2. The other person should be able to hear my guitar 3. The other person should be able to hear a backing track 4. Play backing tracks stored on the...
  3. S

    FX8 tutor

    I am a visual learner and have just bought a new FX8. I am finding my way round it okay but I could use some hands on help! Most specifically I am struggling with volume. I have built my first preset with 2 scenes (4C method, JP2C into Mesa 2x12) but the volume in the scenes is significantly...
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