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  1. Rob Suelfllohn

    Great PAF TONE on this one !!

    Really loving the PAF classic tone I am getting with this preset put together for me by Simeon- Axe Master.
  2. Rob Suelfllohn

    Help dialing in Classic PAF / Les Paul tone

    Hi everyone, I have a great Les Paul with great PAF clones. I need help dialing in that classic PAF nasally/honky tone. I have tried the Jumped Plexi and Friedman's in Fractal. But tone is needing something more as Fractal has so many other options that Marshalls did not have. Below is an...
  3. J

    FSOT Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Transparent Black Quilt Top w/ SKB Hard Flight Case (USA, Michigan)

    For sale is a gorgeous Epiphone Les Paul. This is the Ultra-II model, which means it has a quilted maple top, chambered body, belly cut, cream binding on the body and neck, stereo output jacks, and a piezoelectric pickup at the neck (which is powered with a 9V in the back panel and has controls...
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