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leon todd

  1. gurtejsingh

    Chatting with the awesome Leon Todd!

    Leon (@2112) probably needs no introduction here. Feel privileged to have the opportunity to talk to the man himself. Hope you guys like the chat and Q&A:
  2. orion32773

    Live chat this Thursday with Leon Todd 10PM EST

    Getting the word out for those not in the Facebook groups. Join in this livestream chat with Leon, myself and The Guitar Pit (another great YouTube Channel). We will talk Axe FX (Duh) and other gear related topics as well as chat with some of you all. Should be fun! The first of many to come...
  3. B

    Other People's Presets

    I am a bit curious as to why there seems to be a huge difference in sound from other presets I have tried from Axe-Exchange and on the forums here. Listening to others play via videos or sound examples they sound killer. However when I try them they are thin, fizzy, no bottom end etc. ect. I...
  4. R

    Leon Todd's George Lynch Preset

    Saw Leon Todd made an excellent patch for the Axe Fx III so I recreated it in the II and wanted to share with my fellow II bro's. Be sure to check out Leon's stuff if you haven't already!
  5. LucasLeCompte

    Analog Vs Digital: Boss Super OverDrive SD 1

    People love to compare amp to amps, but not much attention seems to be spent on the pedals in the axe fx (minus everyone asking for a klon). Leon's video on the SD-1 (It is a card in the actually video) made me want to get an SD-1, then I wondered how it matched up against the modeled one in the...
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