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lamb of god

  1. Arsha.M.P

    Mark Morton's exact Mesa Mark IV settings

    I asked Mark Morton about his amp settings on Sacrament album and he kindly answered my question in detail. I decided to share this valuable information here :) check the attachment Try it with "USA Lead" model. also you can find Sacrament's isolated guitar tracks on youtube. Enjoy!
  2. Megahertzz

    Mark Morton (Lamb of God) Mesa Mk. IV

    http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5510 This preset is made on a PA at performance volume, so it probably sounds shit on your home monitors. I just copied his amp settings from a Youtube video i found, and cut some highs and lows in the cab block to tighten the tone a little...
  3. ProgressiveRocco

    EVH5150III fw Quantum 1.06 | Lamb Of God - Blacken The Cursed Sun COVER VIDEO [w/patch]

    BETTER TO DIE QUICK, FIGHTING ON YOUR FEET THAN TO LIVE FOREVER, BEGGING ON YOUR KNEEEEEES!! My take on one of my favorite songs by LoG, I’ve used the EVH5150III 50w Blue model into two cabs, the 4x12 Fractal GB M160 (F060) and the 4x12 Basketweave TV Mix (F103). There are no guitars on the...
  4. ProgressiveRocco

    Lamb Of God MIXTEST | 5153 Red | ML SoundLab Cab Pack 13

    Quick take on Walk With Me In Hell by LoG, I've added the original vocal stem on top just for fun :cool: I'm using the 5153 Red model into the Misha Mix 08 USA Trad cab from Cab pack 13 \m/
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