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  1. kbrown455

    Midi Keyboard to Reaper DAW Through AXE FX III 3

    I have searched the forums and keep failing miserably! Is it possible to play piano using a midi keyboard connected by a 7-pin midi cord thru the AXE FX III which is connected by USB to a Mac laptop running Reaper? I don't care about controlling anything by midi, I just want to be able to...
  2. LeviathanKiller

    Wish Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

    I would love to be able to add my own keyboard shortcuts for currently unmapped menu functions. Like the "All Scenes --> Bypass" option, for instance, just like how we have shortcuts like Ctrl+S for "Save Preset" and such. It would make the preset creation workflow a lot smoother. If we can't...
  3. eduardosimoesneto

    Can my AX8 make my guitar sounds like a keyboard?

    I love this pedals from Electro Harmonix that makes your guitar sounds like a keyboard. Especially the C9. Can I buy presets similar to those pedals? Where? Thank you!
  4. M

    Versatility of FRFR Cabs for keys/bass/drum machine amplification

    I'm pretty much set on putting down for a Mission Engineering Gemini 2, but I wanted to hear this community's experience and opinions on using these types of speakers beyond guitar use. I run a software rig out of Ableton where I primarily play guitar but also play some keys/synths/organs and...
  5. myWolfgangShreds

    Use Axe FX II as MIDI -> USB device for synth VSTi??

    Hello, Ive been searching the forum and google with no luck so far. Is it possible to use the AXE FX II as a MIDI converter so that I can connect my synthesizer to my MAC and controller VSTi's while in REAPER? What I've done so far: - installed AxeFxII USB driver for MAC - changed USB ADAPTER...
  6. K

    Mouse / Keyboard / RME Interface messed up by Axe [NOT A BUG]

    Hey there! I just got a brand new Axe-FX II XL+ and began following the driver installation procedure. At one point the installer asked me to plug in my Axe via USB and turn it on (this was my first time plugging in the axe and turning it on, for the record). As soon as I did so my mouse and...
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