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ken andrews

  1. Budda

    Ken Andrews: Mining for thunder

    I found Ken's last video to be super helpful, as getting a massive, aggressive bass tone has been a bit of a challenge lately. I have some sounds I dig, but not 100% on. Time to revisit my patches. Thanks Ken!
  2. K

    Creating Failure guitar sounds with the AxeFX III

    Just posted a new YouTube on how I create Failure guitar tones with the AxeFX III.
  3. BeeThousand

    Ken Andrews / Greg Edwards / Failure

    Shot in the dark, but a while back Failure were selling some of their AXE FX II presets on one of their Kickstarter campaigns. Of course, I did not see that until it was long over with. Anyone have any of these or know of a way for me to get them? Been looking for ages to buy them, but it's a...
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