1. AnswerInfinity

    Orange Rockerverb compared Axe FX 3 vs. Kemper

    It's always fun doing these. As we all know, either of these wonderful pieces of hardware deliver great sounds. I find the Axe FX to be much more tweakable and powerful. The "out of the box" sound comparison is entertaining for me though.
  2. Stainless Steel Frets

    Artificial Intelligence is the future!!!

    Ok just 2 questions I asked to GPT. It’s a revolution (I was already blow away but the captures I could obtain with ToneX… but THIS!!!)
  3. Stainless Steel Frets

    ToneX is blowing my mind…!

    Now after 3 weeks of extensive comparisons (400+ captures vs profiles made in same exact amp+cab+ mics) I now 100% sure ToneX is doing a much more accurate in tone and feel than kemper does... it's very disappointing as I did accept those 5% kemper profiles inaccuracy as something that could...
  4. AnswerInfinity

    Engl Savage 120 Compared (Axe vs. Kemper)

    A quick comparison of the two units for this amp. This is the last comparison I filmed pre-Cygnus.
  5. AnswerInfinity

    Soldano SLO-100 Face Off with Kemper

    For those who enjoy seeing modeler comparisons...
  6. AnswerInfinity

    A fun Axe-Fx vs. Kemper guessing game with a prize

    The kind folks at Singular Sound are donating 4 Cablis to the first person to guess correctly out of my 7 Axe FX vs. Kemper faceoffs. Only votes on the YOUTUBE comment pages are eligible, though. Hope ya'll have fun taking a guess:
  7. AnswerInfinity

    Vox AC 30 Axe FX 3 vs. Kemper

    I finally got a chance to do one of these with the same IR. Here's my little go at it:
  8. AnswerInfinity

    Comparing 5150 III between Kemper & Axe-Fx 3

    Just a lil fun vid I did. I do these from time to time and this is the last one that won't be using the same exact IR in both comparisons.
  9. AnswerInfinity

    Guess which is the Axe FX

    I did a vid thing just for a goof. Comparing the Axe FX and Kemper in a little mini guessing game type thing. It's nothing scientific - Just using presets as is. I'm curious to see how many of ya'll identify the Fractal just by hearing it. I did take to heart the comments on one of my...
  10. V

    My Conclusion about Kemper Profiler Stage

    My Conclusion about Kemper Profiler Stage, in 2 months of testing days. Unreliable product for live situations, too many problems: Noise/buzz on Master Output and Monitor Out Dry (clean rigs) with DiMarzio noiseless pickups, freeze OS, foot switches does not work properly. Almost weekly I...
  11. dallasplans

    Switching from Kemper to AX8 or HX Stomp w/pedals

    Hello all, noob here. Firstly, I've been lurking in these forums for months now without posting, and you all seem to be a friendly and helpful bunch! Without further ado... I'm looking to make a switch to an all-in-one solution. My rig for the past couple of years has consisted of an...
  12. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe-Fx III vs Kemper Profiling Amp

    Here we go!! You be the judge ;) Ill hold my side notes til tomorrow!
  13. ByTheHandOf

    2 Guys 1 Couch ;) Fractal vs Kemper love

    Hey guys. We've made a play through of one of our songs, I hope you'll enjoy. We're playing to pre-recorded bass n drum tracks, and our guitars are recorded directly into the pro tools from our Kemper and AxeFx XL respectively with no further processing added other than a lowcut. The...
  14. B

    Can FX8 be used with a Kemper?

    Has anyone here used the FX8 with a Kemper? Can you get stereo sound through the Kemper with it? Does using a FX8 with a Kemper degrade or alter the tone of the Kemper profiles in any way? Is there any reasons why using a FX8 with a Kemper wouldn't be a great idea?
  15. csrMark

    Yorkville FRFR speakers - Made in Canada and bulletproof - some good info

    I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a speaker designer. He has been in the business for over 20 years and has had job offers from many of the big ones over the years (BOSE, EV, JBL, etc) I asked his opinion on the whole FRFR powered speakers out there. We talked about the Friedman...
  16. Moshermax9

    Pros Switching to Kemper

    I know probbaly posting this on the Fractal Forum might get biased answers, but I really just wanna bring up something I have noticed very recently with some bands. And would like to see what everone thinks about it. So I frequent watching alot of rig rundowns. I like to see what everyone is...
  17. Rylan Woodall

    I just have to say...

    Holy crap! This thing is nothing short of amazing. I have been playing guitar for something like 13 years and I have played everything from a Line 6 POD XT, to boutique Fuchs amps and this thing just does it for me! I bought an Axe FX II (MK I), Matrix GT1000FX, MFC-101 and I play through a...
  18. bbbuck

    FX8 Used as Effects Processor with Kemper - MIDI PROBLEMS

    I have set up my new Fractal Audio FX8 to work as an effects processor for the Kemper Profiler. I had abandoned my full Axe-FX rig maybe a year ago in favor of the amplifier tones available in the Kemper. That was a correct decision. That said, the effects in Kemper are adequate but not even...
  19. K

    This comment made me laugh about fractal vs kemper

    I told the manager I know at my local guitar center in Chicago area that I got my fractal ax8 and instead of saying that's nice, he said Kemper is light years ahead of fractal and that he tried it next to a kemper that a friend has. I did not argue with him. He is a rude ignorant moron wanna...
  20. jzucker

    Former Kemper user, just bought axefx II

    Love the kemper but the effects are horrible. So , I just bought an Axefx II. Primarily interested in clean fender tones but I also use dumbly and holdsworthian overdrives. I haven't gotten my axefx yet but I have a few questions. 1) Will the built-in speaker impulses be good enough to get...
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