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  1. Spongy

    Dream Theater 'The Big Medley' - Pink Floyd, Kansas, Queen, Journey, Dixie Dregs, Genesis

    I decided to do a cover of one of my favorite medleys of all-time, Dream Theater's 'The Big Medley'. This song is very nostalgic for me growing up and I couldn't find a great full video version of it anywhere surprisingly. This is track 5 off the 1995 EP release, 'A Change of Seasons' and it...
  2. rushfan

    NE Iowa COVID JAM Band #4 - Kansas, Carry On Wayward Son

    Since bands aren't playing live much lately including most of ours, we decided to do another virtual COVID Jam session. We hope you'll enjoy this Kerry Livegren and KANSAS masterpiece "Carry on Wayward Son". I used @Moke's patch, but I changed one of the lead settings to allow me to use my wah...
  3. Marciel Marcasso

    Carry on AX8, my wayward son

    Listening to the song "Carry on ...." from the band "Kansas" today (music released in 1976/77) I'm amazed how everything sounds so good. Testing several Marshall models of Ax8, the model I found closest to the original sound of the song was the JCM800 (although it was only released in 1981). A...
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