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  1. wolbai

    Europa-Song directly recorded with FX8-presets + Marshall JVM410

    Bought the FX8 early 2016 and used it mainly for home recording so far, together with my Marshall JVM410 (4CM cabling), a Rivera Rockcrusher (power attenuator) and a Radial DI-box with a good cab-sim. I started to do Live-performances early this year with a duo-partner again. The FX8 has become...
  2. L

    FX8 with JVM 205H MIDI Help

    Newbie alert... looking for some quick direction (yes, read manual) on setting up my Fx8 to change channels on my JVM 205h. Have midi cable on order - I don't understand the "assigning midi numbers" stuff in Fx8 manual or in Fx8 edit. Anyone out there doing this with a JVM yet that can help...
  3. Georgy

    Anyone using an actual JVM410 in 4CM with their AX8 or FX8?

    If so, are you using the midi on the AX8 to change channels on the JVM? ALSO, the JVM has green/orange & red mode per channel (if I’m not mistaken)… can the AX8 change those as well? Thanks.
  4. 2112

    Marshall JVM Presets

    I initially glossed over the JVM models in favour of the vintage Marshall's in the AX8, but upon further inspection there are some great modern Marshall tones to be had between the 6 JVM models. I was running a DSL50 in conjunction with a Dual Rectifier before I switched to an Axe Ultra (and now...
  5. Niels Beier

    Marshall JCM410HJS vs. FX8

    Hey guys, I'm running my FX8 in front of my Marshall JVM model. With my old setup, I ran a G-Lab GSC-3 looper in front of it, to do all my pedal-switching and channel changes via MIDI. Now that I've upgraded to the FX8, it's time for it to pick up where the G-Lab left off. The thing is, I...
  6. Megahertzz

    Looking for Marshall MF280 cab IR's

    Does anyone have a good IR for the Marshall MF280 cabs they would be willing to share, or point me in the direction of a site where I could buy one? Before the Axe FX saved my back (literally) i used to haul a Marshall JVM410 and two MF280 cabs to every gig, and I loved the tone i got from...
  7. J

    Loving the FX8

    Hey guys, Had the fx8 for a few days now. Been running through a Suhr PT100 and today I setup my JVM410HJS. Really loving the effects and easy midi programming. What a great peice of equipment!! Now to go and sell all my old pedals! Cheers John.
  8. Kjaris

    Katatonia My Twin using JVM and Friedman models with Own Hammer IRs and Ezdrummer Progressive

    https://www.reverbnation.com/Kjaris/song/25689702-my-twin--katatonia-cover- Let me know what you guys think! All guitars and bass are Axe direct with Own Hammer IRs. Drums are mostly EZDrummer 2 Progressive with a couple blended snare and kick samples to sweeten them up! Cheers!
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