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  1. Mark Pritchard

    JTM 45 Preset (Clean to Mean)

    Hi, I had someone ask me for this preset I used on one of my videos, I'm using scenes 2 & 3 in this video but there are 8 scenes with different tones, all with the JTM 45. Some of the scenes I used 3rd party IR's so feel free to choose your own. Cheers
  2. Mark Pritchard

    Monty's Guitars PAF Pickups

    Hi all, I just put these Monty's Guitars PAF pickups in my Les Paul and i must say they are really good, excellent clarity and note definition. I'm using the 50w Plexi, JTM45 and the Super Reverb amps in my Axe-Fx III. Thanks.
  3. Burgs

    Four Amps. Preset & video demo.

    Four bread and butter amps with which to demo guitars and pedals on Youtube (something I do a lot). You might find them useful too. Preset d/l: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7898
  4. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe-Fx III: Classic Marshall Amps

    Hey guys! Hope you dig! Here's all the classic Marshall amps... JTM45 1959 SPL Plexi 100W 1987X 50W Plexi JCM800 Slash AFD100 JVM410H JVM410H Joe Satriani
  5. Brian Coonan


    I started looking into the guides, @yek's and the WIKI on the amp models and reading about what they are based on, how the settings should be configured to really take advantage of the work the fellas at FAS did and man, I gotta tell ya - that is the way to go. When I got this thing - naturally...
  6. hwplainview

    System Of A Down - Toxicity

    Have a few new TM's on my blog - http://axefxpresets.blogspot.co.uk/ - all for free :) Think the System Of A Down one is probably of most interest but the others may be to a select few as well. SOAD - Toxicity: Alice In Chains - Them Bones: Failure - Fantastic Planet:
  7. Burgs

    Jazzmaster/JTM45/Pi Fuzz. Vid and preset.

    John Palir built for me a custom Jazzmaster that we call the Blue Note. Killer guitar. Teamed with Jason Hobert's great 1961 Jazzmaster patch and compressor, chorus and delay blocks, I was off! Original preset. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3456 I'll upload my revised...
  8. Burgs

    Chapman Guitars demos - Preset

    Yesterday I cut a couple of demos for Chapman Guitars. Here are the videos and the preset that features a SmallBox (for dirt) and JTM (clean) I wrote and used. I hope you can have some fun with it. The videos The preset http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4472
  9. shaunb

    ML Bulb Zilla preview - high gain, medium gain and clean examples using multiple IRs - PRESETS ADDED

    Howdy. I was doing some IR auditions for an upcoming recording session and thought I could do a shorter version for anyone who is interested in the ML Sound Lab Zilla cab pack and wanted to hear some more examples of what you can expect. I have done three clips to cover a variety of...
  10. Ytolyccuz

    New to Recording - Tucana+Plexi+JTM45 test - advice appreciated

    Hi, Would like to ask for your advice, tips to improve my recording. CA Tucana - Solo Rh 2 - Plexi Rh 1 - JTM45
  11. Smittefar

    Classic Rock preset (JM45, T808, FaceFuzz, Rotary, delay)

    Here is a preset based on Brit JM45. It has three scenes: 1) Clean/edge of break-up with rotary, 2) Raw rock riff tone with T808 and 3) Lead with Face Fuzz - Very good for cleaning up your tone with the volume knob. Here is a demo - I apologize for the shitty playing - the sound is coming out...
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