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  1. Riccardo Ros

    RR JP2C - Yep... another Petrucci inspired preset!

    Hi all! I just created a simple JP2C preset and for the sake of sharing... here we are! Some parts are created following the hints from the video series MESA/Boogie JP-2C – John Petrucci Ch. 1/2/3 (available on YouTube) but then adjusted to taste. As I stated it's a really simple preset that...
  2. S

    Some differences between real JP2C and AxeFx models?

    I own the AxeFx 3, FM9, and the FM3, and I most frequently use the Matrix GT1000FX with real cabinets. I recently sat down the the real JP2C amp and compared it to the FM9 model of that amp. I believe the AxeFx uses a linear graphic EQ and the real JP2C uses an logarithmic graphic EQ . So I...
  3. S

    FM3 JP2C Compared to Real JP2C

    I did an experiment today to see how close the FM3's model of the JP2C compares to the real amp. For the FM3, I ran it to the Matrix GT1000FX --> DV Mark 4x12 --> SM57. For the JP2C I ran it into the same DV Mark 4x12 with the same SM57 in the same position. I didn't have a way to A/B...
  4. S

    My favorite Petrucci tones with JP2C

    Check out this preset! I used a tone match block that was uploaded by another user (which was made for a different amp I think), and I have done a lot of tweaking. I am using a PRS 7SE with Illuminators and I'm going direct into a pair of Xitones powered by the Matrix GT1000FX...
  5. S

    Axe-Fx III Impressions with Matrix GT1000FX

    I received a Matrix GT1000FX power amp to use with my AF3 (cab block bypassed) and Mesa Boogie 4x12 cab. All of the amp models I tried have incredible punch and clarity! I had been using the DV Mark Multiamp, and it's a really good lightweight unit with good mid-range that sits well in the mix...
  6. LucasLeCompte

    Oh Look! Another JP-2C Thread, but this time its with a 7 string!

    I know everyone is gearing up for Game of Thrones (so am I) but we all know we can get enough JP-2C! dialed in a patch using a stock IR for once (Mesa OH V70 IR) using both the yellow and red modes. Also put a lead scene in there too. I go over how I dialed everything in and all that good...
  7. Ramses Barrientos

    Need to control my JP2C with my MFC!

    I need to control and command my JP2C via midi with my MFC-101 MarK III using scenes... how can I assign in scenes a midi commas to a IA Switch ? can anyone please help me!!!!!! Warm regards.!
  8. R

    [Solved] FX loop issue on the JP-2C with FX8

    Hi, I had my FX loop working on the JP-2C with the FX8 where all of the effects that were PRE and POST were working fine. The next time I fire up the Amp and the FX8, none of my effects are working and the volume is really low. When I switch the FX toggle switch on the JP-2C to the MD position...
  9. R

    FX Loop doesn't work properly

    Hi, I have the FX-8 and a JP-2C and I have set it up using the 4 cable method. I have the switch on the front of the JP-2C set to FX and the sound is very low and it appears that the post effects are not working...only the pre effects. This is the first pedal board that I own and I'm not very...
  10. Hyperion88

    JP2C, SM57, and 2I2

    First of all, I would like to state that I am in fact a "newb" in matters of recording. Right now I have an SM57 mic in front of my JP2C speakers, xlr cable going from the mic to the 2i2 (input 1), and the two outs of the 2i2 into 2 Yamaha HS50M. I already set the input and output of my computer...
  11. Hyperion88

    JP-2C with AX8 or FX8

    I already have a Mesa Boogie JP-2C ( Midi capable), and I recently sold my AX FX II (Mark I). I am right now in the market for a new Fractal product, however I would like to mostly use my JP-2C with some added effects, and from time to time perhaps use some amp modeling. I know that if I chose...
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