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  1. orion32773

    Axe Fx 3 Free Preset - JTM45 Hurricane Edition

    Amidst all of Florida's hurricane drama, I managed to find some inspiration to noodle around a bit and dial in a really basic clean preset with the JTM45 amp model (Brit JM45). I'm a firm believer in focusing on a simple "CORE" amp tone for whatever you are trying to achieve and then add...
  2. Burgs

    Blues Breaker + Treble Booster + '61 Les Paul (SG Std) = Blues Bliss

    Inspired by my first ever listen to the classic Blues Breaker album yesterday, I wanted to give that tone a shot myself. It was late and I couldn't fire up up my own Blues Breaker loudly enough to cut it, so I went to Axe-FX III and built a virtual rig. Even I was surprised at the dynamic...
  3. Burgs

    Classic Marshall, old-school fuzz. Demo video and a couple of presets.

    In an effort to make everyone who doesn't own one jealous, lustful, amazed, or all three with the Axe-FX III, I've attempted a take on the old Marshall/fuzz box combos. It's not easy because of the impedance thing but I ran the input at 90k (thank you AustinBuddy!) and had a LOT of fun and, I...
  4. Burgs

    Jazzmaster/JTM45/Pi Fuzz. Vid and preset.

    John Palir built for me a custom Jazzmaster that we call the Blue Note. Killer guitar. Teamed with Jason Hobert's great 1961 Jazzmaster patch and compressor, chorus and delay blocks, I was off! Original preset. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3456 I'll upload my revised...
  5. Burgs

    Q4 vid and preset featuring USA C++ and JM45 - EBMM Axis

    As the title suggests... Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4480
  6. Smittefar

    Classic Rock preset (JM45, T808, FaceFuzz, Rotary, delay)

    Here is a preset based on Brit JM45. It has three scenes: 1) Clean/edge of break-up with rotary, 2) Raw rock riff tone with T808 and 3) Lead with Face Fuzz - Very good for cleaning up your tone with the volume knob. Here is a demo - I apologize for the shitty playing - the sound is coming out...
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