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jerry cantrell

  1. ProgressiveRocco

    ALICE IN CHAINS - “Them Bones” cover video (ft. Leon Todd & Tyler Brittan)

    Hey dudes! I’ve teamed up with my good buddies Leon Todd @2112 and Tyler Brittan @Dandy.Chiggins on this AIC cover! Our take on Them Bones, one of my favorite tracks off Dirt. In memory of Layne Staley (August 22, 1967 – April 5, 2002) Hope you guys like it
  2. ProgressiveRocco

    Jerry Cantrell/Alice In Chains Tone (Friedman JJ-100) w/patch

    What's up dudes! 🤘 This is my take on Jerry's tone from two of my favorite AIC albums, Black Gives Way To Blue and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. The patch is based on a modified Friedman BE-100, tweaked to get closer to the JJ-100 amp set on the JBE channel. Here's the patch for you to try...
  3. Andrea Maccianti

    Alice In Chains - We Die Young

  4. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman JJ-100 Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains)

  5. Andrea Maccianti

    Alice In Chains/Jerry Cantrell

  6. Andrea Maccianti

    Alice In Chains (Guitar Cover)

  7. ProgressiveRocco

    ALICE IN CHAINS - Check My Brain - MIXTEST

    Hey guys! Here I am with another mixtest :) Black Gives Way To Blue by AIC is one of my all time favorite records in terms of mixing/production. Jerry's guitar tone is AMAZING on that album, so huge and thick (..that's what she said:D). The only thing you hear from the original is the vocal...
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