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  1. TheTrooper

    VAN HALEN - Somebody Get Me a Doctor | Video Cover| BRIT 800 #34!!!!

    My humble Cover of this great great song. The new Brit 800 #34 is absolutely stellar and Q7 is all another league. (Beta 2 disn't sound as good as the final version, maybe I did something wrong but now it's incredible) No copying EVH tone here, just trying to see how the JBM works in a old...
  2. TheTrooper


    Got back my JBM from a Stainless Steel refret (because I HATE nickel frets and they were dead flat) and made a Cover of this awesome Solo The Amp is the JMP-1 Pre OD2 (I had the real deal some years ago and it's really a killer preamp, but If you want GAIN it only worked one way which is Gain...
  3. TheTrooper

    Rabeaafro Festive Shred Fest 2015 - Competition - Entry

    Hey folks, I recently saw this contest and decided to give it a try. I'm using my trusty Ibanez JBM (Tuned to D) and Axe Fx; the preset is a Mesa Mark IV preset, my go-to sound for Leads. The backing track was in standard tuning (Drop D actually) so I pitchsifted it down a whole step to...
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