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  1. Per Boysen

    Video: Good jazz sound on my eight-stringed, with two saxes

    Hi, hoping everyone is ok. Over here I am super happy with the clean jazz sound I got with two parallel TremoLux, using slightly different settings and cabs.
  2. camilovelandiamusic

    Jazz Standard - Stella By Starlight

    First time using the AC20 for jazz. Went for the more Scofield-ish tone. Hope you guys dig!
  3. mamafufu12

    Anyone have suggestions on how to get a heavy, jazzy tone like Spawn Of Possession? mainly for rythm guitar.

    Ive tried modding Das Metall fx by turning up the mids and gain, but my palm mutes seem to be off, they sound choppy and muddy af. Im looking for those clean palm mutes, melodic high note tones, and alternate picking clarity Bryssling gets in this album, its so clean yet heavily distorted...
  4. camilovelandiamusic

    Fusion tune "SHARK BAIT"

    Fusion tune written by my friend Pete Wallace. Morgan AC20 model for the clean arpeggios. Dumble Clean ODS Model with FET Boost for drives, and the Synth patch for the "Metheny-ish" synth solo. Hope you dig!
  5. Mark Scrivener

    Georgia on My Mind - solo finger style arrangement

    Sat down with the R6 and FX-III this afternoon and recorded my arrangement of Georgia. Fender Twin model with some tape delay.
  6. camilovelandiamusic

    Jazz Tone & Preset

    Here's some more jaxxxxxxx!!! And the preset too... I used a different reverb than the one on the preset (post production)
  7. Valdolopezz

    USA Pre clean jazzy tone with Gibson Les Paul

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share jazzy tone that i've made with Axe Fx 3 USA Pre clean and jc120 cab ir. I spiced it a little bit with FET boost to cut through the mix. Works great with my Gibson Les Paul Deluxe and Kiesel V6. Cheerz
  8. Richi Vizsla

    Anyone have some sweet Pat Metheny/Jazz tones?

    Hey dudes, just got my hands on a AX8, really looking to get well rounded / smooth jazz tones out of the AX8. Any tips on tone hunting, free jazz presets would be great, this is a great community! Thank you . Just a few tunes that have an ideal tone: "Slip Away" and "Here To Stay" by PMG
  9. Tumatauenga

    Kurt Rosenwinkel & Axe-Fx III

    Saw Kurt Rosenwinkel and Peter Bernstein at Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philly last night - guess what Kurt was playing through...? Awesome tone, great show.
  10. Dynamic1022

    Larry Carlton - 'It was only yesterday'

    Made a verion of mister 335 Larry Carlton's It was only yesterday. Using a Bludotone Ojai. And my Fender stratocaster USA Standard with custom shop flat 50,s I'm taken guitar lessons now for 1,5 year. Hope you enjoy it. Greetings, David
  11. camilovelandiamusic


    Hey guys! Just wanted to share a rendition to one of my favorite Don Grolnick compositions "Regrets". All the guitars were Axe FX III, except the acoustic.
  12. camilovelandiamusic

    Solo jazz guitar

    Jazz tone sounds great in my opinion :)
  13. antcarrier

    Fretless Guitar Psychedelic/Classical/Jazz/Prog

    Hello :) I have just finished mixing my latest track. It's a combination of psychedelic/electronica, jazz/fusion, classical and prog rock. Guitar is a fretless Vigier Surfreter, recorded direct w/ axe fx 2, using reflection-free far field IRs that I captured. It also has a lot of LinnStrument...
  14. Burgs

    Music Man JP15-7 ... Clean!

    I recently took possession of this incredible instrument. I'm no shredder to speak of so I'm using it to try and expand my creativity in other ways. It features a mighty piezo facility so I've written a single preset that gives me: 1. Clean Triptik with Timmy OD; 2. Piezo/Acoustic accomodation...
  15. J

    classic jazz tone

    I have an axe fx 2 since four months - Im still having a big smile whenever I switch it on. It sounds so great and every update makes it even better (thanks Cliff!). It was simply the best investment I've made. I play jazz, mostly "classic" swing/bop. Till now I mainly use the presets which I...
  16. antcarrier

    New Jazz/Classical/Prog Tune

    Hello, I have just finished recording a song of mine. Of course, guitar and bass are all axe fx 2, each with far field IRs I made. I hope you enjoy! :)
  17. G

    New Original Jazzy Tune - Sunday Drivin'

    I just finished composing and recording this tune called Sunday Drivin. I used the Axe FX with wet and dry guitars and also used it to lay down the bass line with my guitar. This song has a compelling rhythm of movement and invokes images of taking a road trip on a beautiful sunny day. Hope...
  18. Jotun666

    Agile Septor Elite 727 & Seymour Duncan Blackouts demo

    Hi, mates! Here you have a demo I just made for an Agile Septor Elite 727, equipped with Seymour Duncan Blackouts. I played some different stuff with it, so I hope you like it. I used my Axe FX II with Quantum 3 and the Mesa Boogie Mark IV with a Clark Kent cab. For cleans I used the Roland...
  19. W

    new funk/jazz album with all AxeFX2 and AX8 tones!

    I used the FAS stuff for all of my tones on this. It worked great!
  20. J

    small frfr for jazz questions

    Hi all, First of all: Finally Ive ordered new axe fx ii three days ago, it should come soon - I am so excited! So obvioulsy I am a 100% newbie here, please excuse unpolished questions. In any case: Thanks in advance for all your help - this forum is simply great. Since I am (obvoiusly)...
  21. Mike4Bass

    Autumn Leaves in February

    Hi, guitar and bass recorded with the Axe Fx; bass with Selta's preset (thanks Selta!!!) and Guitar with some factory preset! Enjoy!
  22. ryanstewartguitar

    Some jazz blues with a hollowbody and Quantum 2.0

    Couple of choruses of a Bory's B-120 through a Shiva! Tasty. Loving the new sound and feel of the firmware. Also very happy to see that the CPU usage is more efficient all around these days. Plenty of processing headroom!
  23. S

    New Fusion Project feat. 100% AxeFX on the guitars

    In case you're interested, there is a new fusion CD out called Beyond Turbines, feat. Roberto Badoglio (electric bass), Bjössi Klütsch (guitar), Steve Hunt (keys) and Virgil Donati (drums). The album was recorded in Germany, using the AxeFx 2 on all the guitar tracks. We are planning to record...
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