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  1. M

    2 Guitars Input issues differnet tones coming out

    I made 2 guitar chains EXACTLY the same chains but for some reason there is a distinct difference in each guitar tone even though they are the same i checked my input levels and outputs and you can still here 2 different tones when they should be the same for i used the same guitar for both...
  2. K

    Reverb issue (crackling... regardless of reverb type) AXE FX III MKII - FW 20.03

    Hey everyone, I am absolutely thrilled to have received my Axe FX III Mark II today. Upgraded after years with my ol' Axe FX 2 XL+. Everything is working and sounding great except one major issue I immediately noticed... Reverb is crackling/glitching. I made a (screen) recording to demonstrate...
  3. L

    Noise Issue With FM3

    Recently purchased an FM3 and noticed that it is always making a crackling type of sound, even when it is just taking a clean DI, although gain definitely makes it much louder. I have compared the fm3 signal to the sound of the same guitar and cable going through a Steinberg UR22 interface and...
  4. F

    AX8 misses global parameters

    My AX8 misses global parameters frequently on stage up and down footswitches, large preset viewer and more… any clues on that…
  5. R

    Ax8 and Ax8 Edit Connection issues

    Hi, For some reason ax8 edit is not being communicating with my ax8. Tried different cables, different USB ports and different computers both Mac and PC. I have also got a local technician to check the USB port and it works fine. Any idea why this might be the case ? I have read somewhere...
  6. E

    Delayed response?

    So I have the fm9 hooked up to Logic Pro x with a usb cable, and I have the sound coming out of desktop monitors as I play. After a few minutes of playing, the sound will be delayed by like 2-3 seconds after I play a note. I strum a chord on the guitar and i don’t hear it until a few seconds...
  7. fuzzy.pinetree

    Volume Drop only on one side??

    I've been having an issue off and on for a few months and it's gotten to where I'm actually worried. So I have my Axe FX set up as follows: Output 1 Left into input 1 of a Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII, and Output 1 Right into input 2 of the Apollo. The issue is that randomly the volume on...
  8. Pronto

    Input issue

    I've had my FM3 for almost a year and everything worked like a charm. Until now: Suddenly in the middle of playing the unit started to make loud humming noise which continued even when all input cables were removed. The input lights indicate that there is a signal coming in from all channels...
  9. J3rkosaure

    Blackglass 7K Issue with Cygnus : no sound

    Hello there. I've been using a preset for metal bass since almost a year and it was fine by now. But since I upgraded the Axe to 16.02, I'm having a weird issue with the blackglass. When it's on, it's like almost no sound is coming out of it. It really fucked up my preset, and I need it sooo...
  10. jerry8931

    Fixed FM3 Freezing + USB audio glitching

    Hey guys! I got my FM3 from fractal last week. I've experienced so many issues throughout the week. It's just been really frustrating and has made me wanna return it. The fractal guys offered to fix it for me so I've decided to give them a chance. Please let me know if I'm not the only one...
  11. H

    Axe Fx Mark II issue

    Hello my friends. I've been happily using my Axe Fx II from 4 years ago but everything went weird today. I just powered on my Axe and the screen showed me the last preset number I used but without the name. I can`t even control the Axe physically but with Axe Edit I can change presets (and the...
  12. J

    AX8 noise and volume issues

    Hi, I've had similar volume related problems on my ax8 which others have described. The volume randomly drops and sometimes returns to its original level on its own. Is there still no explanation to this problem? My setup is ax8 left xlr output-> audio interface -> computer if it matters. I have...
  13. D

    Help - Monitor Stereo Out Through AxeFx?

    Been trying to figure this out for 3 hours so I thought I'd ask on the Forums :( So I was initially using an audio interface (Alesis iO2) to record my axe fx but I noticed it was muddying the sound when recording (sounded much clearer and crisper coming directly through the Axe). - Side...
  14. McChiel

    Noooo, Axe-Fx won't power on

    Hi all, Tonight at a gig my Axe would not power on, except for the input output lights blinking softly. (I was glad I carried my cheap back up pod just in case). I already emailed G66 this evening but I expect them to answer on Monday at the earliest. Has anyone encountered the same problem...
  15. T

    Bug? Axe Fx 2 XL + Randomly Powering Off

    My axefx 2 has worked perfectly for the last year since I purchased it. But there have been 2 situations as of late where the Axe randomly flipped off during practice. I always run it connected to a power conditioner. Both times I had to repeatedly switch it on & off before it worked and then no...
  16. M

    Volume block acting weird ?!

    I have been using the same setup since i bought ax8 3 years ago. When using my Boss FV-30 H as a volume pedal. The signal supposed to be on when in toe position and off when in heel position. Now the signal turns off (or fade off) when i press my heel until i reach 0 then it turns on again by...
  17. R

    Low Gain

    I've got my Axe Fx III delivered couple of days ago, but I'm still struggling with the gain issue. Somehow all my guitars sound like they catastrophically lack gain on all presets. I realised it when I was watching this YouTube video on Mesa amps - I played with exactly the same amp/cab...
  18. L

    FCB1010 sometimes not communicating with AxeFX II XL+

    How's it going! I couldn't find an answer anywhere so I decided to reach out since I'm very clueless. I own an Axe FX XL II and a FCB1010 loaded with the Eureka PROM, running them w two MIDI cables. They used to work great together but lately I've been running into an issue where the board...
  19. A

    My power socket wiggles.

    So the plug for the power cord on my AX8 seems to be loose. What should I do?
  20. Emanuel

    [HELP] Axe Fx II Mk II Screen Pixel Flicker

    Hi! My Axe Fx Screen started flickering half way through my last gig. There was nothing wrong with the sound but the screen just looked like it was playing up. I just want to know if this has happened to anyone? or if I should be worried. Check it out in the pics below... cheers guys
  21. maxolla

    Help!!!MFC IA Switch 1 acting up.

    I assigned IA1 to record on the looper as the only control for that button. For some reason when I’m on any other preset but preset 1, that foot switch returns me back to preset 1 and engages record simultaneously. I’ve checked button AI 1 for any additional CC# assignment and there are none...
  22. Star^Rock

    Axe FX Ultra Stereo Issue

    I just bought myself an Axe FX Ultra to compose and record some of the new stuff I am working. My rig is very simple, guitars into the Axe FX Ultra input using 1/4" cable and output through the unbalanced L & R into studio monitors. Few days into trying it, I just realized that only one of the...
  23. Malcolm P

    Axe Edit mutes track in DAW.

    Hey, guys! I am running into an issue with Axe Edit muting my tracks in sync with the tempo coming from the Axe Fx. I am using an Axe FX II XL plus, Logic Pro X 10.2.4 on MAC OSX 10.11.6. Whenever Axe Edit is closed and not in use everything works fine, but as soon as it opens and connects...
  24. Andrew Catechize

    Bug? Usb audio not working

    I just received an axe 2 XL+. Everything works great on its own but I am having an issue I cannot figure out while using it for usb audio. I am running Mac OSX El Capitan, installed drivers per instructions but am having playback and recording issues. For normal playback, through iTunes...
  25. SoProg

    HELP! Loud Bad Noise After FW Update.

    Hi all, I need some help here. Hopefully quickly because next week is my first gig with the AX8, but only if this problem can be solved. So, I have this preset that I use for my band, it's got 4 scenes (clean,crunch,highgain,solo). It's been my go to patch based on the EVH5150. But, after...
  26. Yuman

    nobody helps me!!!

    Hi my fractal axe fx 2 have an issue,but no body helps me!!! first time a few months ago the presets was duplicated when I saved it. Now the preset are quadruple,i'm going crazy because nobody helps me and offers me a solution. All they say is that I should send it to the technical service but...
  27. G

    Help! I updated my Axe FX II and it ruined everything

    So I was about to fix everything so that I could record with my Axe FX II XL on my new laptop. By this I mean installing the Axe FX II drivers etc. etc. Everything has always functioned extremly well on my stationary PC. So I tried to open Axe-Edit just to check it was all connected well. It...
  28. PWT Junya

    Bug? Latency issue???

    Hi guys so I'm new to the Axe FX (Got it today!) and I've plugged it into my imac via usb. playing around with it in my DAW (Logic) and using the outputs on my interface to monitor the sound. so: Guitar - Axe fx - imac | interface - monitors...
  29. C

    XLR Outputs not working suddenly [NOT A BUG]

    Hey guys! First post but it is a pretty crucial one. I have had my Axe Fx II XL for a bit more than a year with no problems. But yesterday suddenly my XLR outs stopped working, but the 1/4" are working fine. Tried different cables and settings. I haven't dropped or done anything to the AFII...
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