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iron maiden

  1. S

    Gallien Krueger 250RL/ML Tone match Patch

    Hey everyone. Here is something I though somebody might like. This is a tone match of my real Gallien Krueger 250RL. It was the rack mounted version of the 250ML. These amps, when stock, don't have a lot of gain really. There was a service manual I have had for years titled, "Beefing a 250ML"...
  2. cdub

    Maiden - The Evil That Men Do

    Trying to get close to that Seventh Son tone. I've attached the patch if anyone is interested. Used scene 1 for both rhythm parts & scene 2 for the lead. Enjoy.
  3. Andrea Maccianti

    Iron Maiden - Stranger In A Strange Land (Guitar Solo)

    My humble tribute to the great Adrian Smith on Iron Maiden Stranger In A Strange Land from Somewhere In Time. I hope you enjoy! :) #uptheirons Here I used my Stranger In A Strange Land Patch I recorded Rhythm guitar on a single Stereo Track. So NO Double tracking. Same identical thing as for...
  4. Paperjace

    Eyes of the Nile (Iron Maiden Tribute) @ Ottobar

    I don't think I've ever posted a video of the Maiden tribute I'm in. Here's a highlight reel from our show at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD a couple weeks ago. I'm the guy playing left-handed, upside down. The crowd was amazing and very rowdy, as per usual at the Ottobar. We got THREE encores...
  5. Guillaume Lortie

    New Video ( with the AX8 ) The Trooper - Iron Maiden [ Cover ]

    HI Guys! just did a video with the AX8, a cover of The Trooper ( playing is not perfect! ) I think I was kinda close to the original tone. I used a 1987X with a TS-808, stock cabs. What do you think? ( Left side of the audio )
  6. musicman0001

    80/90's Hard Rock with JVM410JS Maiden

    Actually I am just trying some recordings on my soundcloud of songs I always wanted to play in a band, but never really did due to several reasons. Now there is AXE FX and Backingtracks, so I have my own band ;) Here a QUICKY to see if I could create Iron Maiden 80/90's sound with AXE FX MK2 2...
  7. Jotun666

    Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do (feat. Siegfried at vocals)

    Hi, fellas! I just made another collaboration with Siegfried, this time covering Iron Maiden´s amazing The Evil That Men Do. We also got help from Johnny Sobrino on bass guitar and Patrick Fallang playing the solo. All guitars and bass were recorded (reamped in Pat´s case) using an Axe FX II...
  8. D

    Iron Maiden Presets

    Does anyone have any decent Iron Maiden presets for the 80s era albums? I saw someone had a powerslave lead tone, but it was never posted. MarkDay put a cool one for Wasted Years which is good for the rhythm tone of Somewhere In Time. But thats about it. Thanks!
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