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  1. D

    Stupid question re: Axe-Fx III via USB into iPad and laptop simultaneously

    Hi gang, AxeFx-II owner looking at what the III is capable of as I’m designing a new live setup. Toying with the possibility of running AxeFx-III via USB into an iPad and a MacBook Pro at the same time for audio and MIDI processing at both destinations. So, a cable with USB-B one end going to...
  2. Ryan Ankenbauer

    FracPad- worth it or no?

    hey everyone, I'm considering spending the $45 on frac pad for my iPhone and iPad. Anyone have it? How does it work for you guys? I don't want to buy it and it have bugs and not work that well. The "lite" version it's little buggy but I think that's because it doesn't have all the features...
  3. N

    How to record on IPad

    can anyone give me some tips on connectivity in terms of Axe FX II into IPad using GarageBand? Midi,AI, etc anything is appreciated :)
  4. mwd

    iPad as MIDI controller help needed.

    I control lights, Axe, fog, X32 mixer via Macbook with a program called Showbuddy. It fires program change via a Mio USB to MIDI DIN cables. I am experiementing with my older iPad. It has the 30 pin connector. I used TouchOSC to make a couple pages of buttons to simply trigger the presets on...
  5. rascarvalho

    Axe FX XL+ with Auria Pro (iPad)

    Hi! Nowadays, with my new aquisition (AXE FX XL+) I'm trying to become more participative! Well... We know that the Axe USB interface is very good to record, and, with iPad, I think that Auria Pro is the best DAW for this plataform. Has someone tried to connect USB from Axe to an iPad using...
  6. doha1696

    Ipad Pro Drivers ?

    Hi, I'd like to know if there are news about a driver for Ipad allowing to use the axe as a sound card using the Lightning connectors > USB... I'm actually using the Axe FX with a Mac Book Pro and it works pretty well for automatic program changes and control changes. I'd really enjoy to use my...
  7. mag1k

    Wish FX8-Edit for the iPad

    is it possible to make an iPad editor app for the FX8? that does not cost an ARM and a LEG? the FX8 is already very expensive as it is. not a millionaire here or a thousaneer. don't even have a hundred dollars on my account.
  8. AlGrenadine

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Hi all, It seems some of you felt there was a need for a mobile.desktop AxeEdit-like... The good news : It's Android/iOS/Mac/Win compatible (iOS 8+ / Android 4.4+ / MacOS 10.10+ / Win7+) It's compatible with AxeFx III/AxeFx II/XL/XL+, AX8 and FX8 (see connecting options depending on your OS...
  9. S

    Two MIDI controllers?

    Hope this hasn't been covered already, I have searched! Anyway, I'm looking to use two MIDI controllers with my Axe FX II XL. Basically the set up I'm looking for is this - iPad with Set List Maker app connected through bluetooth MIDI controlling patch changes, and a floorboard to control...
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