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  1. diezel013

    Future release ideas/suggestions... Edit preset order/setlists wirelessly

    I love my Axe FX... Though I much prefer using Axe Edit vs the actual controls on the unit. Lately, having to take my unit back and forth from gigs, I've been thinking, how cool would it be if there was bluetooth or wifi connectivity to IOS/mobile devices, and you'd be able to rearrange/edit...
  2. M

    MIDI Questions / iOS Fracpad / Axe FX II Mk 1 / Morningstar MC6

    I am very interested in using FracPad on an Apple iPad Air 2 running iOS with my Axe FX II Mk 1 editor and have some questions: The required devices to connect the iPad to the Axe are: Apple MD821AM/A Lightning to USB Camera Adapter AND Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface I am using a...
  3. N

    How to record on IPad

    can anyone give me some tips on connectivity in terms of Axe FX II into IPad using GarageBand? Midi,AI, etc anything is appreciated :)
  4. smfelton

    Forum IOS shortcut icon

    Before the last forum update my shortcut to the forum on my iOS devices was a nice 'Fractal' logo. Since the weekend it has changed to a blue square with 'xenFORO' written it, any chance of getting the old Fractal icon back ?
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