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  1. B

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time?

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time? For example, if I'm using 4CM because I want to use only the effects with my real amp/cab, can I then easily switch to just the Axe FX 3 (so using amp sims, and bypassing my real amp completely)? Or would you have to change all...
  2. nielsvandoorne

    Problem when calibrating expression pedal.

    Hey guys. I have 2 strange things happening when trying to calibrate my Line 6 EX-1 to my AX8.... 1. When i plug everything in and run the calibration process, the input value on the calibration screen only goes from 0 to mabey 5% 2. When i plugin my cable to pedal 1 but only push it halfway...
  3. G

    Boss FS setup for Axe-Fx III

    Hello, I recently bought my Axe-Fx III, and so far it has been a dream come true. However, I cannot figure out how to get a simple footswitch (Boss FS-5U) to switch scenes. In fact, I cannot get the footswitch to do anything at all. I read through the manual and have searched extensively...
  4. S

    Mic Preamp with Axe Fx II

    Will it hurt the Axe Fx if I run the monitor out from the back of my MBox into the Input 2 (FX return) of the Axe Fx? I'm using the MBox as a mic preamp, and that's the only 1/4" output it has. I was having a hard time getting a signal from the box to the axe fx, I couldn't even get the level...
  5. CactusTone

    Output Settings Fever

    Hoping someone can help me confirm the proper Output settings for a specific live performance scenario: I'm using Axe II to run my personal monitored sound to a Friedman ASM-12 in mono from "Output 1 Left" XLR. I also want to run a mono signal to FOH. If I'm using "Output 1 Left" to the...
  6. istabile

    CHANGE I/O Settings via software?

    Hi to all, I'm looking for a simple information.... There are hopes to change I/O settings (switch analog1, S/Pdif...or FRONT/REAR) via software (Axe-Edit or midi)? I've the AXE-FX 2 in a far rack in my studio and I'd change all settings from remote. Any tips from you? Thank you :-)
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