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  1. Wojciech Bator

    Singularity II: Reborn

    The dream continues to come true as the crew approaches the black hole. Will they find answers there? Or maybe people will never stop looking? Witness the grand finale of this epic journey!
  2. Wojciech Bator

    Singularity I: Edge of the Horizon

    People have always dreamed. Civilization has progressed and it has made it possible to achieve dreams. Highly advanced humanity has embarked on a bold plan to explore the supermassive black hole. This is the first part of their story. I'm back :D For audiophiles, there's a slightly better...
  3. Wojciech Bator

    The Nightingale

    On monday I've made a debut as a solo artist. I welcome You to check The Nightingale: The bird is a metaphor for a change for better. It heralds the day singing late at night. Guitars has been done using Fractal Audio Axe FX III. Riffs recorded on Cornford, relatively small amount of drive...
  4. DJB-762x39

    First Post - Quick Mix with Axe 3

    Constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated...Amateur with less than 2 years of recording experience. Guitar double tracked L & R by me with Axe FX3 Direct using Orange Recto 1-Mod. Drums and bass courtesy of EZX & EZ-Bass.
  5. Dwelltone


    A little Sunday afternoon noodle and chill. Yamaha BB734 P/J bass with flat wounds and a Suhr strat with v60lp pickups.
  6. Dynamic1022

    The Godfather - Parla più piano

    This song is from the movie The Godfather and is written by the Italian composer Nino Rota. I've been using 2 guitars and 3 presets for this song. My Eastman T184 MX and my new Maton EBG 808 Nashville. In the beginning i'm using a Bludojai clean for my Eastman. For my acoustic guitar a SV BAS...
  7. Z

    Instrumental Modern Prog Metal

    All guitars and bass recorded with Ax Fx III. This is a difficult place to show a song, because it has a high musical level and people like excellent tones. But here we go. Any comment is welcome.
  8. P

    Instrumental: Cruse Control: Featuring Axe II and Dimarzio vs. Duncan

    Here is a jam I did trying to convince myself which pickup set i liked better. All Heavy Patches are FAS MODERN with BOSS OD1 Stomp up front and METAL 4x12 CAB (from Axe 1, converted) Intro Guitars are EMG 81 both sides and melody swells Solos in order: Dimarzio Titan Bridge Seymour Duncan...
  9. Jason Scott

    '80s Melodic Rock Inspired Track

    The Brit Brown amp was used. PS. I'd love to hear a good solo over this.
  10. Igor Paspalj

    Guthrie Govan "Sevens" cover

    Hi everybody! I've been working on this one for past few days, and had to record it now, before weekend kicks in, and I dive into some adult beverages! :) Very tough one, but hey - it's Guthrie Govan! Axe FX 2 and Guthrie's signature Charvel into Logic. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  11. Igor Paspalj

    Original Tune - "Stuck in a Loop"

    Hi everybody! Here's one original little tune I came up with last night during my Insomnia episodes. No distortion this time! And hopefully, it's gonna turn in proper full length instrumental one day :) Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel straight into Logic.
  12. Recon24

    Vellum Windows - Instrumental Prog-ish Rock

    Hey everyone! Lurked around for a long time but haven’t ever really posted any proper music of mine, so why not I guess. SLO 100 for leads, Friedman HBE V1 for rhythm, Hiwatt Jumped for cleans. ML Zilla Flattest D for all three. Tweaked version of the ML USA Bass Rock preset for bass. GGD...
  13. Andrea Maccianti

    My music, my place "Rebirth"

    I hope you enjoy! :)
  14. syndrone

    Entirely self-produced quality instrumental guitar album here (all Axe-Fx II)! :)

    Hi people! I released an entirely self-produced instrumental album in March and I`m sure some people in here might have some fun listening to it. It got loads of melodies with shreddy moments, all wrapped up in a futuristic and post-apocalyptic sounding environment..... Pretty happy how it...
  15. Igor Paspalj

    Racer X - Scarified cover

    Hi all, Here's my performance of one of my favorite "more is more" instrumentals :) As always, using my Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan signature Charvel into Logic X pro. Hope You gonna like it! Cheers!
  16. Dynamic1022

    Hank Marvin The Deerhunter preset

    Here's my Hank Marvin preset for the song The Deerhunter. Please leave a message or like this tread if you like it . I hope you'll enjou. For this song i used my Stratocaster USA Standard HSS With Custom flat 50's http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6125
  17. A

    Loving the JCM800 model

    Set up right, it sounds almost just like my Dirty Shirley Mini! I also used the ML Zilla Cab pack for some killer Greenback tones. Hope y'all dig it! (apologies for my meh mixing skills, working on it all the time!)
  18. Gytaxor

    Rotation of Force - instrumental

    Hey guys, I was toying with my favorite chord progression, which is very simple and I decided to play it in all keys using circle of fourths (hence the rotation of force :) ) so the piece is quite long. But I like it :), so maybe you will too! It is relaxed and it gets a bit more intense in...
  19. Igor Paspalj

    Here's one original instrumental for a change :)

    Hi Folks! Since I always share here some covers, here's, for a change, one of my original instrumental songs I wrote some 5 years ago, and just found some video shots for it, shooted also while ago, so I decided to compile quick video for it :) It's recorded with Axe Fx of course, so, hope You...
  20. antcarrier

    Fretless Guitar Orchestral Prog

    Hi guys! I have just finished recording my latest tune, which is a hybrid of prog rock and classical music. Featuring fretless guitar and bass, a full orchestra, and a LinnStrument. All guitar & bass is axe fx, each using far field IRs I captured myself. It was certainly fun to make. I hope...
  21. Andrea Maccianti

    A.M. "CARUSO" Patch Neal Schon

    I did this video not for the purpose of emulating or making the Neal cover but with the purpose of making you feel the Patch. Sorry for the imperfections but I made everything improvised from beginning to end of song (which I never played) Anyway, I hope you enjoy! :) THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE...
  22. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Arpeggios from Hell cover

    Just lost 5 kg playing this stuff :) Anyway, since I've recently obtained YJM signature Stratocaster, it was perfect excuse to cover something from master :) Using Axe Fx II, of course :) Hope You gonna like it. Cheers!
  23. A

    Something a bit different.

    I don't normally Tweed, but when I do, I 5F8 TWEED. Took me right out of my normal rock or walk game.
  24. C

    Bari-Neil Zaza Guitar Cover

    Hi this is my first post in years since the AxeFx-Ultra days o_O So I figured since I'm now happily upgraded to the XL+ I might just record a sample and post it for you guys. The recording was simple and I used 2 scenes for this one with delay and one without + the one with delay has a slight...
  25. Arkks


    Once again experimenting with new tones. Bit of a mix with heavy and clean guitars throughout. Let me know your thoughts. ARKKS
  26. Bruce1448

    New album release - Lots of ambient AxeFx 2 tones - Pray for Sound "Everything Is Beautiful"

    Hey guys, A lot of you seemed to like a video I put together with Fractal awhile back on creating a "post-rock shimmer" preset (if you missed it and you're interested, you can view it here)... Anyway, the riffs I play in this video came from a song Pray for Sound had been working on at the...
  27. heanjurrera

    [Tele + Euro Blue Modern] Berserk 2016 opening cover

    Hello! This is an instrumental cover of 9mm Parabellum Bullet's Inferno, which as you may or not know, served as the opening song to the 2016 Berserk anime adaptation. This song was by far my favourite thing related to this show, and I figured I'd share my jab at it since it's been awhile since...
  28. Jaredajp

    Instrumental Post Rock recorded entirely with Axe 2

    Hey guys and girls, Back again. My last post got a bit of interest so I thought I'd share this latest track with you all. The guitars and bass here were all recorded using tones and cab sims from the axe 2. Some of the other effects are also thanks to some axe trickery! Feel free to have a...
  29. buchton

    The Last Colour - New Album

    Hey! I've finally finished my album and it will be launched on 29 of February. All Axe-FX II Original (guitar and bass) and all real drums, no samples ;) I've used basically the Friedman amp stock patch from quantum 1.06 with a drive boost for pretty much all the rhythm guitars. I've also used...
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