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  1. D

    Axe Fx III input 2 question

    Is it ok to plug in an electric guitar signal or acoustic guitar signal to one side of input 2? The manual makes it sound like it is not designed for this. Wanted to know if I could get a 2nd wireless unit for an acoustic or 2nd electric and run it into input 2.
  2. S

    Input always clipping

    Hi there! Brand new to Fractal. However, I'm having issues with my new Axe Fx III. Its seems like no matter which cables I use or which instrument I use, the input is clipping. I can tell by the LED going red whenever an instrument is turned up, not even necessarily playing. All of the presets...
  3. HurdyGuigui

    Wish Input mode option (stereo/left/right/sumL + R) in Input blocks

    Hello, In the MUX and VOL blocks, we have a parameter called "input mode" (for MUX block) or "input select" (for VOL block), with values : stereo/left/right/sum L+ R I would like to have the same option in Input blocks 2, 3 and 4. This to be able to use a mono channel only and use the gate on...
  4. guitarfreak365

    Front vs. Rear input on the Axe III

    I remember this thread bellow which highlighted how plugging in a guitar into the front input vs. the rear input on the Axe II sounded different. Is this the same with the III or will they all sound the exact same? I'm mainly wondering because I was hoping to plug my wireless into the rear input...
  5. JPE

    Recording in Cubase with Axe FX

    If I connect my Axe FX II with the USB cable direct to my computer I get the choice of 4 inputs in cubase. If I choose mono input I can record over 4 tracks: it seems that input 1 and 2 are the fractal sound and input 3 and 4 the dry guitar signal. If I choose stereo, input 1 and 2 are the...
  6. P

    Routing through Audio Interface with AX8

    Hi! I just ordered a new AX8! While I'm super pumped, I want to make sure I'l be able to hook it up properly when it arrives. I want to be able to send the main output into my Scarlett 2i2 Interface. I also want to be able to send the DI into the interface. Will I be losing anything if I output...
  7. Techboy57

    Wish Metering In Utility menu

    I make my living as a sound engineer, one thing that I find useful is having either a peak hold or slow ballistics for my metering to be able to see the peaks. Any possibility of having this feature added to the utility menu? Cheers, Perry
  8. theo

    Wish Preset Cycle via external pedal input

    When on stage with my Axe Fx 2 I would use a boss fs5u (momentary N/O switch) plugged into the pedal input to swap between my lead and rhythm presets on stage, I loved it because it's so small, I can have it right up against a foldback wedge with no problem and there's no power or midi...
  9. theo

    Using boss fs5u and the pedal input... Presets?

    With my axe fx 2 I would use a boss fs5u to swap between my lead and rhythm presets on stage, I loved it because it's so small, I can have it right up against a foldback wedge with no problem. I'm trying to achieve the same setup with my AX8 and cannot seem to find any option to use the pedal...
  10. C

    Bug? Tuner only responds to one input

    Is there any way to route two inputs to the tuner? I play chapman stick and need to tune the bass and treble sides which are plugged in to the front input and back left input. I cannot get the tuner to 'hear" the back left input any ideas? Thanks
  11. Hurdy Gurdy Man

    AX8 input level problem

    Hi there, I have problems setting up the AX8 with my Hurdy gurdy (for those who don't know that instrument, it's something like a mechanical violin with a wheel ;-)). The gurdy has a piezo pickup system (similar to a violin bridge pickup) that played very well with other effect processors like...
  12. O

    Can I program input sources into presets?

    Hi folks, My current live show (working on an Axe FX 2 XL+) requires me to use a cable for most songs, and then switch to different guitars which are on a wireless pack for others. I have a different preset for every song. I'm currently manually swapping the two jacks (from the cable and...
  13. J

    USB monitoring output

    hi everyone I have been reading the manual and surfing the net but can't find an answer to this one... I am running my AxeFx into a power amp / quad box. I want to wire up a set of FRFR monitors to the output 2 on my AxeFx and use it to monitor the Daw / audio from my computer coming via USB...
  14. Georgy

    ok Fractal Guys.. seriously now.. front input vs rear input.. which is better?!

    Too many opinions but nothing has been acknowledged by Fractal HQ, in regards to which input is better, so to speak.. Some guys reckon there's some special secret sauce thing going on with the front input vs the rear input, others say they're exactly the same.. Is one of these inputs better...
  15. houstonwehaveuhoh

    3 Output Sources + Effects Loop. Possible?

    Hey everyone, While I'm awaiting delivery on my ASM-12, I'm trying to figure out how to best run the live set up that I'd like. Ideally, I want to run FOH for obvious, ASM for controlled feedback/stage volume if I need to pull an ear, etc. as well as an effects loop... all while running my own...
  16. Adam Charron

    Front Instrument Input clipping with Bass guitar.

    So I've been loving my Axe for guitars, but I tried to record some DI's for bass recently and I'm running into a clipping issue on the front input. Even with the level at 0, it still is distorting. This is only an issue with the bass btw, but I have noticed I need to have the input set to 5 - 15...
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