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  1. C

    [Indie Rock] [Q10.01] "That's Not Love" / "Tiger Teeth" (cover)

    Hello! My band just released our new single "That's Not Love" with the b-side "Tiger Teeth" (Walk The Moon cover) All guitars / bass were tracked (except "Chances (Acoustic)") with the AxeFX II XL, firmware Q10.01. Some post processing done, particularly for the bass. Guitars are mostly the...
  2. C

    Original Indie Rock (similar to Arctic Monkeys) - AxeFX II and FAS reverb

    My indie band ROOM FOR ZERO just put out the single from our upcoming EP (due Sept. 1st) along with a b-side that's not on the EP. If you're in the Cincinnati area, I'd love to see you at the 20th Century Theater at 7pm on Sept. 1st for the release party. All the guitars and bass on this...
  3. silencereleven

    New Dreampop Song

    Hey guys, This is my band's new single that came out a few days ago. It is very different from what is usually posted around here. Check it out. Comments are welcome. All guitars are recorded with the Axe Fx II.
  4. C

    [Indie Pop / Alternative] My band's new single, featuring AxeFX II

    Hey, all!! My band ROOM FOR ZERO ( http://www.roomforzero.com/ ) just wrapped up our debut LP a couple weeks ago. We're releasing the whole thing on Friday, but we dropped our new single a little early. I figured I'd share it here since there aren't too many AxeFx recordings of this genre on...
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