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  1. Hyper Planet

    Hyper Planet - To Live With Wisdom [NEW SINGLE!!!] A PROG METAL BAND FROM TEHRAN-IRAN

    Hey guys check out our new single 'To Live With Wisdom' on our YT channel and let me to have your input about it! Guitars/Vocals: Amin Saffar Bass: Armin Saffar Santur/Qanun: Ali Saffar In this song I used my Axe-Fx II for all the guitar and bass tones also we used @mlsoundlab IR's in cabs block
  2. Hyper Planet

    Hyper Planet brand new single ''Beyond The Laniakea'' published on GUITAR WORLD magazine!

    Hi folks!, Amin here, Our new single published on GUITAR WORLD Magazine and we explained our current situation, Obstacles, Hardships, censorships, and so much more problems which we are facing with in Iran by the corrupt, repressive Regime, please check out our new single if you haven't heard...
  3. Hyper Planet

    Hyper Planet - Beyond The Laniakea (NEW SONG!!!!), A progressive metal band from Tehran-Iran

    Hey folks!, This is our first music video off of our debut album!, we used Axe-Fx II for all the guitar and bass tones +@mlsoundlab IRS we would be happy to have your input about it :) This song has gained two successions as a semi-finalist in two international songwriting competitions! 1-...
  4. Hyper Planet

    My guitar solo over ''Bumblefoot'' - Planetary Lockdown

    Hey fellas check out my take on Ron's song and let me to have your comment about it!
  5. Hyper Planet

    ''Hyper Planet'' Collaboration with ''JoeySturgisTones''

    Hey fellas me and my brother Armin started a collaboration with JoeySturgisTones here's our music which is showcasing their plugins how does it sound to your ears?
  6. Hyper Planet

    'Aromatic shredding'' spiced with ''whole tone'' scale N ''Dim7th'' sweeping

    Hey fellas here's another woodshedding of mine which I do every single day! How does it sound to your ears let me know about your practicing fashion!
  7. Hyper Planet

    USA LEAD & ML Sound Lab mesa trad ''EPIC'' MIX IR in ACTION!!!

    I come up with a quick lick in my birthday I think it's cool! what do you think?
  8. Hyper Planet

    Guitar & Bass ''SPEED RACE'' Tempo: 360 bpm

    Hey dudes check out this cool lick which me and my brother Armin on Bass played it, dont forget to follow us on Instagram ;) aminhyperplanet arminhyperplanet
  9. Hyper Planet

    MLSOUNDLAB Mesa Trad 4x12 - DREAM THEATER - Forsaken GTR solo section

    Hey guys here’s a video which is showing how this pack is sounding through lead tone, I used Dream Mix IR which is one of favorite IR through the pack and met the Mark IV amp sim after a long time on the Axe-Fx II how does it sound to your ears?
  10. Hyper Planet

    Some Riffage, Shredding, Melodic moments from ''HYPER PLANET'' band forthcoming album!!!

    Hey guys here's some music from our forthcoming album that will be out this year, like always I used Axe-Fx II N IRs slots filled with @mlsoundlab MESA IRs please let me know how does it sound to your ear?
  11. Hyper Planet

    High Density Progressive Metal [Video Teaser] by Hyper Planet band from Iran

    Hey guys as you know I’m guitarist and songwriter for Hyper Planet band a progressive metal band from Iran-Tehran, we love to play music, write music, and mixing, our album will be out this year!!!, here’s a new music video teaser off of Hyper Planet music, please let me know how does it sound...
  12. Hyper Planet

    Jared Dines Solo Contest 2019 - Amin Saffar entry

    Hey fellas please check out my guitar solo for Jared Dines solo contest 2019 and let me know how does it sound to your ear? My chops built from here ;)
  13. Hyper Planet

    Hyper Planet Crazy Riff [ALBUM TEASER] - Using MLSOUNDLAB Cab-Pack [GTR N Bass]

    This is a short part of how me and Armin (My brother) write music for our band Hyper Planet, we will release our first album in 2019... in this video we used ML Packs for the all GTRs and and Bass lines with no post processing, led me know how does it sound to your ear??? Gear Used: 1-...
  14. Hyper Planet

    My new music inspired by Trappist 1 SYSTEM announcement

    This is my new music, inspired by TRAPPIST 1 SYSTEM announcement :), I used Vibrato Verb Amp and a single IR ML USA Silver SM57 The guitar is my one and only man an Ibanez RG1820 loaded with BNP-JUGGZ pickups, Mackie studio monitors and daddari American Stage Cable How does it sound to your...
  15. Hyper Planet

    Quantum 7.00 #2 - MESA Mark IV - Galaxy Metal Riff - [Comparison Sound-Clip]

    Hi there, this is my short comparison clip between the first Quantum 7b and the second I used ML Preset bundle from Cab-Pack 7 which is called : ML Chaotic Arrangements, very cool name by the way ;) Also I tweaked preset a little bit in order to match the preset with my guitar but %98 is...
  16. Hyper Planet

    Hyper Planet Bassist - Blood flowing with ''Glasgow Kiss'' - ML USA Bass

    Hey guys this is my brother, Armin is moving the fingers with "Glasgow Kiss", Before recording the another song from our forthcoming album "Hyper Planet" this is what He's doing right for blood flowing. in this clip Armin is using two IRs from ML USA Bass cab-pack
  17. Hyper Planet

    My new melodic idea inspired by Christmas :)

    Hey guys today I just wrote and recorded a short piece of music which is demonstrating my feel and thoughts about Christmas, also things like, good days, all the people are happy, shopping, laughing...etc, I just used a factory preset I'm pretty sure it's preset #377 in Mark II Merry Christmas...
  18. Hyper Planet

    My acoustically practice session - Alternate picking in an extended box

    Hey fellas first of all I'd like to thank you for you nice words about my playing and music as well, there's so many people that are telling me you're playing so clean, precise, fast ...etc, I decided put a short clip of mine, how do I practice daily, and how do I play my own exercises ...etc...
  19. Hyper Planet

    The New Axe-Fx II Factory preset [#82 Petrucci] Another Day Guitar Solo Section

    Hey fellers today I've just tested the new Axe-Fx II factory presets and I have to say it's simply AWESOME !!, Actually it's beyond of my expectations, finally I've decided to record a guitar solo from my favorite band DREAM THEATER with the exact Petrucci preset in the Axe-Fx II, I didn't...
  20. Hyper Planet

    My music for #drumception contest - ''Sagittarius'' - ML Cab-Packs !!

    Hey guys this is my music for Gojira's drummer Mario Duplantier #drumception contest which is called : ''Sagittarius'' and hosted by GEARGODS and TOONTRACK I used ML Brit Collection 2 for all the guitar lines and my brother Armin who played the bass lines use ML USA Bass cab-pack The Guitar...
  21. Hyper Planet

    Mesa Boogie JP 2C TM

    Hey fellas, yesterday I just found TM clip that I did around 4 or 5 month ago with a YT MESA JP 2C, and decided to share it with all my friends on forum, I still hope to have this amp in the Axe-Fx II there's a subtle but different tone in JP 2C that I couldn't achieve it with existing IIC+ amps...
  22. Hyper Planet

    UPCOMING !!! ML Cab-Pack - GRIMM TONE TEST !!!

    Hey fellas this is my first test from upcoming ML Sound Lab Cab-Pack I used Quantum 5.03 firmware and Friedman HBE amp in the Axe-Fx II the guitar is Ibanez Prestige RG1820X loaded with BNP-Juggernauts how does it sound to your ears ? Have fun :)
  23. Hyper Planet

    [VIDEO] - Testing the new Amp (HOOK) and upcoming IRs from MLSOUNDLAB

    Hi fellas, I just played a quick test on this amp and upcoming IRs from MLSOUNDLAB the combination of them is just sweet :), I recorded this video for Instagram and I have just one minute in order to demonstrating different reactions of the amp and IRs to different guitar techniques all over the...
  24. Hyper Planet

    Please vote me in Strandberg guitar competition

    Hi guys, in this video I'm explaining how to vote for my music which I composed for Strandberg guitar competition 2016, Thank you all for supporting \m/
  25. Hyper Planet

    ML USA Bass & ML Bulb Zilla - My composition for Strandberg competition 2016

    Hi guys :), this song is my own composition for Strandberg competition 2016 this song is called: ''Through The Hedonic Circulation'', in this song my brother used 3 IRs from the newest Cab-Pack by MLSOUNDLAB which are : 1- ML USA Bass R121 A1 [ Riff, slap and popping] 2- ML USA Bass SM 57 A1...
  26. Hyper Planet

    Alternate picking fashion in pentatonic and double harmonic scale

    Hi fellers this a little shot of my practicing on alternate picking with a little bit of bending in Pentatonic and Double Harmonic scale, also I used amplitube 4 -mesa mark iv Follow me on instagram for more vidoes ;) my instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aminhyperplanet/?hl=en Have fun :)
  27. Hyper Planet

    ML MESA BASS Preset - Cab Bundle - ''Luminol'' Bass riff from Steven Wilson

    Hey guys my brother Armin played Luminol Bass riff with a preset - Cab Bundle from upcoming ML MESA BASS Cab-Pack Have fun ;)
  28. Hyper Planet

    Hyper Planet - The Wind Of Ailanthus - Riff by Armin Saffar (HP-Bassist)

    Hey Guys, This is my brother and Hyper Planet Bassist Armin, He Played one of our album song's riffs which is called The Wind Of Ailanthus from our upcoming album.
  29. Hyper Planet

    My daily practice in alternate picking land - Using amplitube Mesa

    Hey guys this is a short journey into my daily practice in alternate picking land with my Boy RG1820X loaded with BNP-Juggernauts, 98% of times I'm using plugins for practicing, My blacky box is resting :) what about you guys, are you using Axe-Fx for your daily practicing ?
  30. Hyper Planet

    ML Zilla - My second guitar solo for #JaredDinesShredWars - Competition

    Hey guys; this is my second guitar solo for ‪#‎Jareddinesshredwars‬ contest I really loved the backing track, it's so much emotional and dreamy which inspired me to write this guitar solo. I used USA Pre LD2 Ylw amp sim two alloy IR from ML Zilla cab-pack. ML Zilla V30 SM57-MD421 and ML Zilla...
  31. Hyper Planet

    ML Zilla Cab-Pack - My guitar solo for #JaredDinesShredWars - Competition

    Hey guys this is my entry for Jared Dine's Contest, I really loved this backing track so inspiring, I hope you enjoy it :). I used an Alloy IR from ML Zilla Cab-Pack, ML Zilla Cream ALN SM57-E906 and USA IIC+ DEEP for amp side of the chain
  32. Hyper Planet

    My entry for Nili Brosh's A Matter of Perception Contest - ML Zilla Cab-Pack

    Hi fellers I recently attended in Nili Brosh's Melody guitar contest which is associated with Premier Guitar, there are GREAT musicians as the juries panel who I love them all such as Jason Becker, Greg Howe, Marco Sfogli, and last but not least Nili Brosh. I used Friedman SM Box for amp and an...
  33. Hyper Planet

    DREAM THEATER- Breaking All Illusion Guitar Solo - ''ML Zilla Cab-Pack''

    Today's John Petrucci Birthday and I've decided to play ''Breaking All Illusion's'' guitar solo in order to showing my love to my all-time guitar hero, He's a turning point in my musical journey God Bless you Johny and wish you a Happy Birthday :). I used Quantum 3.03, USA IIC++ for amp and a...
  34. Hyper Planet

    Ibanez RG1820 Piezo W/Tylor 914 ce TM- DREAM THEATER - Heaven's Cove

    Hey guys this is my Piezo tone with vkcarrillo's Tylor TM preset which I loved that !, so I tweaked the preset a little bit then I just recorded the most dreamiest arpeggios IMO from DT How does it sound to your ears ?
  35. Hyper Planet

    USA IIC++ - CabPack 7 - Spiritual Discovery Moments - YT Video

    Hi guys :) This is a little emotional guitar solo which I wrote for my daily chord progression session I really loved that and decided to share it with you immediately, I used METALLICA Mark IIC++ amp which is on the latest Quantum firmware in the Axe-Fx II and USA Trad SM57-SM57 02 IR from...
  36. Hyper Planet

    Persian MASTER Violinist improvises with Axe-Fx II

    Hey guys Yesterday was the Violin's day for recording another song from our forthcoming album" Hyper Planet" with Persian Maestro Violinist MR. Hossein Tayebi, He used the Axe-Fx II for his lines. We really enjoyed every moments of writing and had a great time. Huge honor to have his...
  37. Hyper Planet

    My improvise over Misha Mansoor dreamy demo music

    Some days ago Misha put a really soft, dreamy demo music on his facebook page which I loved so after that I took my guitar and did a improvise over it and recorded what I heard in my mind immediately, I used Mr.Floyd stock preset in my Axe-Fx II Mark II What do you think guys ?
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