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  1. J

    For you players with CLRs/PowerCabs/Other large FRFRs

    Hey everyone, For you people with larger FRFR setups (basically more than studio monitors), when you play the Axe at your house (or anywhere not with a band?), how do you set your FRFRs up? I have two CLRs, and will only ever be using them at home. I did a listening comparison between them and...
  2. S

    A short jam with XL+

    Swimming in loops! Cocktail kit and XL+ to Scarlett 18i20
  3. M

    Setting Up Presets For Live Performance

    Hey guys, I just recently ordered the AX8 and am very excited to explore its potential! I'm still wrapping my head around all the different ways to utilise the unit. I've read that there is a difference between creating presets at home and creating presets to be used live. I just wanted to know...
  4. musicman0001

    Axe FX2 MkII Review Musicman0001 (and MESA amp recording)

    EDIT: My first recording and recording post: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8y7j9jnxxf7oong/metallica enter sandman-01.wav?dl=0 STACK: https://ritskes.stackstorage.com/index.php/s/VSGlDwCPmRoSOui http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/metallica-mkiic-enter-sandman-first-one.115791/ I LOVE THE...
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