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  1. D

    Infinite Sustain Help

    Hello everyone! I’ve always dreamed of having that synthy kinda infinite sustain on the guitar but with its True Tone. I was wondering if there is this anyway to sorta do this with the axe? I was thinking about having the hold from the reverb connected to an ADSR, but I don’t seem to have much...
  2. A

    Continuous or Really Additive Hold - Reverb

    Hi, Another product that I won't mention has, what I call an "additive hold" reverb. While I hold the foot switch down, each new note that I play gets added to the sound already being held or being infinitely sustained. You have to be careful because adding in, or playing too many notes makes...
  3. Z

    Hold for multi delay plexi shift

    Hello, I'm a new owner of AX8 and I apology in case my request has been already submitted. I would like to have an hold function for the multi delay plexi shift, similar to what it's available on kemper and strymon timeline. Thanks
  4. ralphonz

    Reverb Hold Default State

    Hi All, Whenever I assign an external controller to the reverb hold, it's default state is on when it should be off. I think this is a bug but posting here first... First i unplug my mastermind GT completely from the axe fx. Then I set the hold switch to off in the reverb block (using axe...
  5. Carmacore

    Wish Self oscillating delay hold

    It would be nice if the hold function on the delay could privovide an EL Capistan like self oscillation sound. I´ve read that some of you guys are using kind of work around procedure to put the feedback to the limit for this purpose. But it feels not quite wright to me.
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