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high gain

  1. Paulo Heineken

    My first Composition - Fractal FXII - Rectfier + Mark IV

    hello, how are you? This is my first composition I did last year and I posted it on youtube. All bass and guitar tones were used Fractal.
  2. D

    Dialing in a solar guitar

    So recently got my axe 3. Just sticking to presets at the moment generally whilst I get used to it, (will probably do the carter masterclass at some point). So I've found plenty of high gain sounds that work with my PRS with fluence classics. But I can't seem to find or dial in something bhigj...
  3. Les Paul Rider

    Highly compressed sound on high gain amps

    Hi, it's been 11 days since my Fractal Axe Fx III mark II arrived. I have used all my free time since the day it came, maybe more than I should, my wife is a little pissed off, but I've been very worried because I can not get a sound that doesn't sounds compressed, after each session I think...
  4. Iatros

    Axe II XL+ Ares 2.0 - Tips for the 5153 models?

    Hey Hey People, I have an old 50W 5153 IRL and interestingly this is the only amp on the Axe IIxl+ I cant figure out for the life of me. All the tricks I use on my amp dont seem to translate to the Axe model, and attempting to create tones from scratch never leads to satisfying tones. For...
  5. RamboMadCow

    High gain amp simulation feedback solutions?

    I'm hoping a few of you guys have some experience with moderately high gain amp settings in a live situation and can help me out. I'm in a Metallica tribute band and I've been trying to get their current live tone. It's not insanely high gain like Slayer, but it seems to have enough that I'm...
  6. Aldones

    High Gain w/o Dirty Amp

    So, I'm running the fx8 directly into a quilter tone block 201 at it's cleanest possible state, and intend to rely upon the fx8 drive blocks entirely for my tone. I've since decided that trying to run an HM-2 alongside it just isn't going to give me the result I want, and even so I could...
  7. Andrew Sullivan

    How are some of you recording direct from Axe-Fx II XL into an interface?

    I am currently going from my output 2 jacks into a Tascam interface, but on high gain sounds, I am still getting that farty digital distortion sound. I am using Studio One for my DAW, but I had the same problem using a Digidesign interface and Pro Tools and also Reaper. Please let me know how...
  8. Hadean

    HELP - can't get a decent HIGH GAIN tone

    Hi, members of the Axe FX fellowship ! I may need your precious help there. So I bought a brand new Axe FX 2xl + like 10 months ago… and since then haven’t been able to get a decent high gain tone. I don’t know, maybe my axe fx sounds just how it should and I just don’t like its tone. But for...
  9. LucasLeCompte

    Dialing in Cali USA (Based on Mesa) Patches

    Hello everyone! Dialing in mesa patches can be pretty challenging (I redid my patch in the video about 5 times lol) so I wanted to make a video breaking down how I made my patch in hopes that it will help people dial in some killer tones! I let you hear what it sounds like out of the mix, in...
  10. LucasLeCompte

    Axe Fx III High Gain Series: Cali USA Amps (Based on Mesa Boogie)

    I took a stab at creating some Mesa Tones. I did all the different rectos, Mark IV, IIC++ etc. Let me know how you think they sound and which one is your favorite.
  11. Petunia

    Missing low end thump

    Hi all - I've been switching between a real life tube amp (Peavey Valve King 100) and my ax8 (into a Matrix GT1000 and an Orange 2x12), and I was missing the feel of the low end - the 'thump', the air movement etc with the ax8. In a loud band situation, the real amp just 'felt' bigger and...
  12. LucasLeCompte

    The Dr. Bonkers Mesa Cab IRs Sound Great!

    I did some high gain reamps using Dr. B's Mesa Recto OS Slant cabs and the IRs sound great! Anyone else have these?
  13. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe FX 3: High Gain Amps

    Hey guys! Sorry for the delay. I finally got around to doing this with 12 high gain amps. Go easy on me now, I'm not a metal guy. Totally out of my comfort zone haha!
  14. Thedude621

    New to the Fractal world!!! Send me your favorite presets please! Any tones are appreciated!

    New to the Fractal world!!! Send me your favorite presets please! Any tones are appreciated! My Fractal Breathren, please bestow upon me your presets. Everything is welcome high gain, bluesy, cool cleans, crazy sinth stuff, bass presets, etc... Thank you!
  15. A

    Your go-to high gain amp?

    Yesterday I was going through some amps on the AX8 and happened to find the FAS Modern III and it was amazing. The growl, the clarity, the tightness - just great. I used that in our band practice and even our singer noticed I had a new tone and everyone complimented it. So I believe that will...
  16. ibonsnake

    High Gain tone sounds digital

    Hi guys! I have one question,using the Axe FX II XL+,the problem is that any distortion preset sounds really bad in my DAW Cubase LE9 recordings (Axe->USB->PC). I've tried with different presets but the final result is the same (sounds like shit). The clean presets sounds amazing and real but...
  17. Arkks

    High Gain Test

    The latest firmware is pretty good. Heres what I've been working on... Arkks
  18. Mike Spreitzer

    DevilDriver / AudioVaultStudio Presets

    Hey fellow fractal users!! Mike Spreitzer from DevilDriver here. I uploaded 6 presets into the Axe Change yesterday. 3 high-gain and 3 cleans. Feel free to tell me how much you love or hate them. Love the feedback.
  19. SlugAlex

    Noob to High Gain Tones, Need Help!

    Hey whats up! I haven't posted in a while here, but I have been needing some help, and this forum has always been great to me! So I have owned an AXE FX II for a while (Loved it so much), but was forced to sell it. I currently own a Line 6 Helix, but have been itching to get me an AX8. Non...
  20. DTS

    High Gain shootout with Q8 (Engl, Diezel, Friedman, Recto, Soldano, Mark IV, FAS Modern, Das Metall)

    I made all of my rhythm tones from the beginning after I updated the new FW Q8b for AX8. I used the new motor drive parameter in all of the presets and i just love this new addon!!! I decided to record these tones and see how they compare against each other and i gotta say, that i have a nice...
  21. Detch

    Loud noise during re-amping.

    I received DI for reamping, here is a short take https://www.dropbox.com/s/oqy7me8bzvbwbgf/DI.wav?dl=0 When I started to nail the tone with Axe I could not make anything good because of the very uncomfortable amount of background noise, at first, I thought it was a poor DI quality... But when...
  22. P

    Cables & High Gain tips

    Hey hey! I'm kind of a new AX8 user although I had the Axe FX II for a while, so I'm pretty familiar with the unit and what it's capable of. My problem is though, I'm not that much of a sound engineer. By that I mean, when I hear a problem, I don't really know what's wrong most of the time or...
  23. Andrea Maccianti

    John Sykes Patch - Out Of Love

    Qui mio modesto omaggio a uno dei miei preferiti! Mr.John Sykes !!! E uno dei migliori assoli che ho sentito. La base musicale è stata fatta da me. Divertiti! :)
  24. shaunb

    Heavy Rock blind tone comparison - pre-production tone test UPDATE: results and presets added

    Hi guys and girls. This is a tone test I did to determine which amp presets to use on the recording project I've got underway. I'll have an album or a couple of EPs out this year. I didn't intend to post this as it was just a decision making tool for my process, but I thought it might be...
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