1. Jack_Zan

    Haken - Prosthetic Guitar Playthrough

    Trying to play haken's new single, it's a really great song. for this cover I used the simulation of the friedman HBE together with an IR of ML SOUNDLAB, the pack is called ML MEGA USA DJENT. It Sounds sick
  2. Burgs

    Friedman Fun. By request. Preset (free) and demo vid.

    @Rafa Diaz asked me to have a go at a Friedman preset. I don't own a Friedman and have never tried one in the real world, but the models sure are fun. Note that there are significant differences between the Cab Channels, specifically A and C. C has the cab/s most people defer to and A is a swag...
  3. Frank Pearl

    AFIII Strat and Friedman HBE

    i Love so much this kind of sound. The axe is so so dynamic under the fingers, It reminds me some Andy Timmons stuffs.
  4. shaunb

    Evolve - HBE C45 & Recto1 Red with ML Mars PR-H75

    Quick test run of the PR-H75 Mix A IR from ML Sound Lab Mars PR Bundle cab pack with a Friedman and a Recto. For cab pack details visit https://ml-sound-lab.com
  5. S

    Axe-Fx III Impressions with Matrix GT1000FX

    I received a Matrix GT1000FX power amp to use with my AF3 (cab block bypassed) and Mesa Boogie 4x12 cab. All of the amp models I tried have incredible punch and clarity! I had been using the DV Mark Multiamp, and it's a really good lightweight unit with good mid-range that sits well in the mix...
  6. Jack_Zan

    Periphery Covers with Friedman HBE and Cab pack 13 ML USA BULB

    I love Periphery tones. For this cover I use the Friedman HBE model With the cab pack ML USA BULB Cab pack13 (misha mix 8). This cab pack is GREAT, for me the best cab pack available!
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman Brown Eye

    It has 6 Scenes. I hope you enjoy! :)
  8. A

    HBE w/ ML Cab Pack 13 (Contextual)

  9. ownhammer

    OH 412 MES-OS and FAS Q3 HBE

    Mr. York busting out some chugs, among other riffery, for your listening pleasure. Q3 HBE amp model, new OwnHammer 412 MES-OS IR's. Enjoy! :)
  10. shaunb

    Friedman HBE & BE both voicings on hard rocker with Cab Pack 20

    Trying out the new voicing options on the HBE and BE amps. HBE for main rhythms with the same settings except V1 on the left side and V2 on the right. Same deal with the BE V1 and V2 when the quad tracking kicks in. No drive blocks, just amp and cab with a noise gate in front. Got to play with...
  11. erockomania

    HBE Quantum 1.05, Toontrack Progressive Foundry, OwnHammer--riffage

    Hey fellers, finally got a little time to myself and installed 1.05 and also Toontrack Progressive Foundry... this is the baby they had :) Skervesen Raptor w/Aftermaths Dingwall Combustion OwnHammer Recto EWH mix
  12. erockomania

    HBE on Quantum with new OwnHammer EWH cab mix... is... amazing.

    Hey guys! Ok, so I've been a Herbie chnl 3 whore for like a year... but, uh, I think the HBE on Quantum with the new OH EWH cab mix is my favorite thing ever. This is pretty much exactly the tone I've been hearing in the my head. Super quick throw-away riff here but damn... so juicy! Skervesen...
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