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hard rock

  1. diezel013

    Another Piece of Meat - Michael Schenker Guitar Solo

    Using AFS amp model, with the wah positioned about half way (classic Schenker midrange focus) Hope ya dig it 🤘
  2. Brian Greco

    FS Ibanez Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro TS-808

    Hi everyone, I am selling an “Ibanez Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro TS-808” guitar pedal. Cosmetically, it is in excellent outstanding condition. The pedal also comes in its original box with the owners manual. I am also including a “I Spot 3.5 millimeter converter used once. I placed that...
  3. Andrea Maccianti

    Revolution Saints - Here Forever FULL COVER w/vocals

    Hey guys, here our humble tribute to Revolution Saints I hope you enjoy!
  4. eduardosimoesneto

    How to make my AX8 better?

    I´ve seen a lot of presents sold on line, but I didn´t think they sound better than the ones from factory. I love hard rock and heavy metal bands. I love the guitar sounds in Anthrax, Dream Theater, Extreme, Metallica, Van Halen, Def Leppard (live). I specially like 5153 and Savageness. The...
  5. SlugAlex

    Noob to High Gain Tones, Need Help!

    Hey whats up! I haven't posted in a while here, but I have been needing some help, and this forum has always been great to me! So I have owned an AXE FX II for a while (Loved it so much), but was forced to sell it. I currently own a Line 6 Helix, but have been itching to get me an AX8. Non...
  6. ProgressiveRocco

    Favorite underrated 80s riffs?

    What's up dudes! I’ve had people requesting this video on my channel for quite some time, so I finally decided to do it! ;) I think there are loads of sick riffs from the 80s/early 90s that got little to no attention, so let’s give these guys some credit! These are just 5 among my favorites...
  7. Andrea Maccianti


  8. progmachine

    Hard Rock / Metal Demo! (Friedman HBE + ML Sound Lab Beta!)

    Hey everyone!! Here I'm demo'ing out a new mix template I made (a starting point for my new songs) and I included a new ML IR coming out soon that I immediately loved! Signal chain: T808 -> Friedman HBE (Original) -> Brit II -> Mr. Computer EDIT: The IR is the one from the new Brit Pack by...
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