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  1. Hamer90

    FW Q9.04 Dream Theater - Another Day (guitar solo cover) PATCH INSIDE!

    DREAM THEATER - ANOTHER DAY (JOHN PETRUCCI'S GUITAR SOLO COVER) Hello everyone! This time I played one of my favorite guitar solos. I tried to get as close as possible to the sound of John Petrucci. Check it out! More videos here: https://guitar-science.ru/guitar-video/ Patch...
  2. Hamer90

    Periphery - 22 Faces (FW Q9.04) PATCH INSIDE!

    PERIPHERY - 22 FACES (GUITAR COVER). STUDENT ARSENIY TRIFONOV Training period: 2.5 years from scratch I always said that the main goal of my teaching activity is to supply the student with such knowledge, skills and abilities that will provide them with full independence in the performance of...
  3. Hamer90

    FW Q9.04 Andy Timmons - Gone (Guitar Cover by Kirill Safonov) PATCH INSIDE!

    Hello! :) Finally, I played Andy Timmons - Gone! This is one of my favorite songs by Andy Timmons. I tried to get as close to the original sound. In the patch I used a drive pedal, amp, cab and microphone - all in Andy's rig. Check it out! I hope you enjoy it! Guitar: Ibanez USA Custom 1992...
  4. Hamer90

    FW Q7 Cameron CCV100 (Extreme - Peacemaker Die, Guitar Cover) PATCH INSIDE

    Hi All! I present to you a cover of Extreme - Peacemaker Die! I tried to play as the incredible Nuno Bettencourt (one of my favorite guitarists) I hope you enjoy it. Check it out! Guitar: Hamer Chaparral Elite Dragonskinn 1988 Pickups: Wilde Pickups L-500XL (bridge); Seymour Duncan Hot Rails...
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