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guitar rig 5

  1. ApocalypticKatana

    Replicating Mix Setting from GR5 to Axe IIII

    Basically I want to copy these mix settings from guitar rig 5 into the axe fx iii I know the Axe FX III's Delay and Reverb Blocks have their own mix laws and I get confused trying to figure out how to convert from GR5to Axe If anyone can help and show how it was done it'd be greatly appreciated
  2. ApocalypticKatana

    Advanced Help needed recreating a Delay Setting (Guitar Rig 5 Psychedelay) for AX3

    Caution : kind of advanced please be warned I've made an old thread about this specific digital model before but to no fruition and I can't seem to perfectly nail it , thus I came here again for help Tempo of this song is 95 bpm KEY NOTES -1/8th note of 95 bpm lasts 316 ms -For L/R or Stereo...
  3. J

    guitar rig 5 and mfc controller

    i couldn't find a thread on this exact subject so im starting a thread. im wondering if i can use the mfc-1 to control guitar rig 5, as well as the ax 2 together. meaning, i wouldn't be running effects from guitar rig and the axe at the same time, but rather patches from the ax 2, then, switch...
  4. S

    Match a VST effect: Harmonic Synthesizer

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