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guitar pro

  1. M

    Flatlands Live!

    I have been Transcribing the guitar part for the following version of Flatlands, if anyone is interested I will share the file when I'm done. It is a guitar Pro 7 file, let me know if you would like a copy Ill be done with it very soon. Here is the video of the version. Markmusicman
  2. Cobrango

    Amundsen lick in E minor with awesome video diagram and tab!

    a little Amundsen lick I made using slides, legato, 3-1-3-3 and a little peckin'. try it, it's really fun! once you get the picking pattern down it's easy to get it up to speed, but I don't focus on the speed. this is a great way to connect the modes, explore efficient (economy) picking, try a...
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