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  1. Budda

    Best way to recreate this kind of glitch?

    I know Simeon has a really great preset in his package, but I'm wondering if a combo of ring mod, trem and/or volume coupled with a proper pitch (whammy?) setup could somewhat replicate what this pedal does. I messed around with LFO's on ring mod, volume and trem as well as expression, but did...
  2. Joseph J C

    Bug? Preset lost!

    I accidentally unplugged my MFC 101 midi cable cleaning my studio today and plugged it right back in to find that the preset I was working on (preset #407) was replaced with factory preset #141 "Introspection". Rebooted with and without the mfc101 plugged in and nothing, I tried to reverting on...
  3. S

    Bug? AX8 Volume Glitching on and off

    Yesterday and today I've been experiencing some problems with the audio, I'll try decribe best I can. I've also taken some videos of it which are attached for you to listen to. The sound will drastically drop in volume, glitching back and forth between full volume and very quiet. I've narrowed...
  4. ABRfan1998

    [VIDEO] AX8 Buzzing Sound Across All Presets (not fixed with gate)

    Not sure if this is an issue due to me not knowing how to gate properly or what. I've tried different guitars, different cables, and different speakers. In the video I'm only using an input gate but even when I put a gate block in I can't get rid of the buzzing without trashing the tone. I just...
  5. M

    Not a Bug [Solved] sounds randomly change to garbage?

    Hi guys. I have been using my AX8 for quite some time now, and have never had a single problem until now. When I select one of my presets everything is fine for a little time (it's really random. Sometimes everything works 5 minutes, and sometimes it only work for a couple seconds). It sounds...
  6. T

    Axe FX II XL+ Mac USB Audio Sync Glitches

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first post! I've been using my XL+ for about a year now and I've always recorded into Logic Pro X on my Mac over USB. I like the simplicity of one cable to hookup but I find the USB connection to be unstable as it frequently glitches and the audio goes out of sync...
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