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giovanni boero

  1. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    My new Acoustic tone with a spicy reverb

    I hope you will like my new guitar preset, soon on www.theitalianguitarbrigade.com
  2. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Dimebag Darrell's Guitar Tone Pt.2

    Hope you like it my friends
  3. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Greg Koch Death of a Bassman (but with a ENGL ;-)

    Ciao Amici, I'm studying this crazy Song, Greg Koch Rules!;-)
  4. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    My grandfather decided to say goodbye

    In honor of my beloved grandfather whose name I bear with honor.
  5. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    AFIII Presets New Modern Tones for Axe Fx III

    Hi my dear Friends:D Here is a new preset for Axe Fx III consisting of 3 scenes for new modern sounds: The first "Pitcher" scene inspired by Steve Vai and the legendary Eventide The second "Funker" scene is halfway between a rhythm sound and a little pushed lead The third "Lead" scene...
  6. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Giuda ;-)

    I took various messages from "friends" talking behind my back and turned them into music ;-) www.theitalianguitarbrigade.com
  7. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    AFIII Presets Blues Guitar Tone SRV forgive me😂

    I've never been a true bluesman but I've always loved that kind of phrasing and sound 😍 I created a new preset for the legendary Fractal Audio Ax Fx3 mk2 based on the amazing guitar tone of Stevie Ray Vaughan, consisting of 4 scenes: Scene 1 a sound that changes from clean to scratchy crunch...
  8. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    AFIII Presets Modern Metal Preset TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Hi friends, I started creating new presets for the legendary Axe Fx3 MK2. To celebrate my transition to this spectacular gear I decided to offer 40% discount using the code VZNRLMXZQ0 on the site https://payhip.com/b/XlWI6 If you like, give me a hand, subscribe to the channel and leave a...
  9. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    La tempesta di sale, Modern Metal Tone

    Hope you will like my new song;-)
  10. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    a crazier singer than me😂

    My new song with my dear friend Niccolò , hope you will like 👻
  11. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    just another solo attempt

    After a great pizza this is my idea of solo for a Facebook group collaboration
  12. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Liquid Hours of Pain

  13. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    "throught" the worst word to pronounce in English for an Italian😅😂

    It would be nice to have you on my youtube channel
  14. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    My metronome is weird....

    1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 1 23 134
  15. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Fractal and g66 will take a look?

    The pumpkin beats the wall ( another nonsense english title of mine😂 ) Hope you will like
  16. TheItalianGuitarBrigade


    Kerry King are you in this forum? 😂
  17. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    High Noon or At Noon?

    My English is lower than my income...😂
  18. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Frank Zappa does not leave me alone...

  19. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Axe fx3 Mk2 experimental mood

    Hope you will like this 😂
  20. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Les Claypool are you here?😅

    Please tell Les that i'm waiting....😂
  21. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    My Hands are weird...what do you think?😂

    Dear friends, hoping not to get bored with these posts of mine, in elementary English, another composition of mine, I hope you like it😅
  22. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Axe for a 7 strings Archtop🤪 Il vecchio ciliegio

    Dear friends my beloved axe fx3 mk2 struggling with odd tempos and my 7-string semi-acoustic in my song the old cherry tree, I hope you like it and sorry for my english;) thank you
  23. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    2 Fuzz for The Italians🤣

    Hi all friends, I ditched Helix and Kemper to switch to the amazing Fractal AX FX3 MKII, I'm so happy! For the first time in digital, I finally found a convincing fuzz sound! Hope you like it
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