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galo rivera

  1. Galo

    My FM3 boogie patch...great song for Halloween.

  2. Galo

    Good ole Days cover. FM3 solo @ 2:34

  3. Galo

    Axe-Fx a la SANTANA

    This was a concert I did in BB Kings in WPB Florida...hope you dig...
  4. Galo

    Cable clutter fix for me. I hate a lot of cables on the floor!!!

    Just a simple idea to keep cables organize. I made 2 sets, 6' and a 12'. The ac and the power cable are tied with cable ties, you can use anything you want. No hums at all. The ends go behind the power speaker where I connect to the speaker and ac. It also prevents accidentally pulling out a...
  5. Galo

    I decided to cal this the "THE BOMB"

    Fractal AX8, Matrix GM 100 module, Eminence coax and the cab was made by Xitone. Freaking Love it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/okiapdfs9k891mn/Galo's rig.jpg?dl=0
  6. Galo

    Steem Roller cover

    Trying to play the blues.
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