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  1. Alex Kolund

    Separating external pedals with the FM3

    I'm using external pedals to add different elements to my FM3 sounds. Most of these sound better after the amp + cab but some don't (e.g. fuzz). This presents a couple of options: 1) take those pedals of the fxloop and run the guitar into them before it hits the FM3, or 2) create separate...
  2. J

    MP3 through Axe Fx II XL help!

    im trying to get my phone to play through my axe fx so i can use sample clips in songs as song starters live. I'm using an fx loop block, and im getting solid signals, and the outputs are working correctly, but the audio quality is terrible. it sounds clippy and very digitalized. is there anyway...
  3. Alex Kolund

    AX8 FXLoop Noise

    I'm patching in an external pedalboard but whenever it's in the chain I hear noise oscillating in the background. The pedalboard is powered by VoodooLab MONDO and has a Sentry noise gate so it's silent when I run it separately from the AX8. But when the FXLoop block is on, so is the noise. I've...
  4. R

    Crazy 2 amp+axefx2 routing. Is this possible?

    I'd like to set up my AXFX2 MKI to run two physical amps and an AXFX2 modeled rig. After searching the manual, you tube, and the forums, I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Here's are the specifics of what I'm trying to do 1) 1 guitar input (I do also have an AB/Y splitter if this...
  5. Ducking Autocorrect

    Wish Add second FX Loop option

    My pedals run mono in my FX Loop. I have a left and right FX loop send and return. It would be pretty great if you added a second FX Loop block that when used would pull audio from L/R send/return as if they were a mono 1 & 2. This would allow me to use an external reverb for huge space sounds...
  6. Brian Greco

    Friedman BE-OD Pedal In FX Loop

    Hey Everyone, Yesterday I purchased (financed) the Friedman BE-OD pedal. I think it’s interesting that Friedman markets this pedal as an overdrive pedal rather than a distortion pedal. However, after doing a bit of research, I see that it’s very equipped for both tasks. It has various...
  7. Alex Kolund

    Wish: X/Y for FXLoop Block

    I often find myself making duplicate presets, one with the FXLoop Block uses as a block (with external hardware in my home studio) and the other as a second output (to drive an amp in addition to or instead of a PA when I'm playing out). The FXLoop doesn't currently support X/Y options but...
  8. S

    FX Loop Noise

    Hello guys! This is my very first post, so first of all I`d like to tell you, that I REALLY enjoy my Axe FX II XL+. Soon it will be 1 year since I bought it, never experienced any problems.. till now. Despite the quality and awesomeness of this unit I am using 3 external pedals. These are: B7K...
  9. D

    Amp into Passive FRFR using Axe FX Cabs?

    I recently acquired my matrix FR10p and had an idea, but not sure if it would work or be safe. Using a tube amp into the passive frfr cab, but using the axe fx in the fx loop to use the cab simulation? My thoughts are that the amp powers the frfr cab like normal and that with the axe being in...
  10. J

    Axe Fx II XL & Digitech Drop Pedal

    I'm switching out and in some external pedals in my rig... I'm wanting to use my Drop Tune pedal in the axe fx's effects loop, so I can turn it on and off via my GCP, instead of walking back to my rig and switching it on.. I'm not sure why, but it sounds absolutely terrible through the fx loop...
  11. R

    FX Loop Problem

    I seem to be having issues with my FX loop. I insert an FX loop into my chain and whenever I try to run an effect through the loop I lose all signal. I have checked and rechecked my signal path and it is all correct. But in order to troubleshoot I ran a known good cable by itself going from FX...
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