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  1. Burgs

    8 Scenes of Cleans - For Pedal Demos. This is what I use and people seem to dig it.

    I gave up using 'real' amps for pedal demos a couple of years ago, unless specifically asked to use them by the manufacturer. Even the pickup guys - Jason Lollar, Chris Kinman, Mick Brierley, SD ... they're all happy for me to use classic amp equivalent models in the Axe-FX III. I believe it's...
  2. Xavier Hernandez

    Is this achievable within the XL+?

    Hi fellow forumites, I came across this post in Instagram and man, I was blown away! Is there someone capable of guiding me through the process, or sharing a preset or insight ti get something as fabulous as this in the trusty Axe FX II? Here's the link: Cheers!
  3. B

    Modern/Pop Sound design tutorials

    Hi Guys, I’m absolutely noob in preset creation . All I found on YouTube is just metal sound tutorials. Can you please help me with this?
  4. Burgs

    HIPOWER Jumped, Fuzzes, Univibe, space.... Preset and Vid

    Based on the last two Marshall-based fuzz-fun videos and presets, I present to you some DR103 lurve. Thank you to Cliff for the unbelievably beautiful model (and machine) and Yek for his Univibe settings. Rock on. Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6435
  5. Burgs

    Classic Marshall, old-school fuzz. Demo video and a couple of presets.

    In an effort to make everyone who doesn't own one jealous, lustful, amazed, or all three with the Axe-FX III, I've attempted a take on the old Marshall/fuzz box combos. It's not easy because of the impedance thing but I ran the input at 90k (thank you AustinBuddy!) and had a LOT of fun and, I...
  6. RayT

    Orange Kay by Daniel Lanois

    Just heard Daniel Lanois' Orange Kay (on YouTube's West 54th Sessions), and it's based on the 60's orange-colored Kay Fuzztone pedal. Would really like to figure out how to duplicate that tone and dynamic on the AX8 using the EV-1 pedal. Any ideas?
  7. shaunb

    More fuzz rock - Cameron Big Muff Micro Boost stuffs - Preset included

    This is a short idea I used to test a couple of variations within a new preset I put together. I used the Cameron CCV 1A amp model with the Pi Fuzz Op-Amp and a Micro boost into a 50/50 blend of ML Zilla All Mix and ML Brit PR75 SM57-M160 01 (CP20). I did two versions of the signal chain, I'd...
  8. Cainer

    Strat > Superverb blues (live video)

    Probably my favourite song to play live these days - this was from our CD Release Party. Really digging the Strat tone I'm getting from the AX8! Kicked in the fuzz face when things get hairy about 4 min in.
  9. N.Phaneuf

    Wish more fuzz please

    there are so many amazing and crazy fuzz pedals today. I'd love to have a handful more available in fx8
  10. Burgs

    ODS-100 Clean with the 6.02 Muff. Yeah!

    Well, it's sure working for me! Here's a taste. I kick the Pi Fuzz in at about 1:36.
  11. shaunb

    Low tuned heavy fuzz rock - Citrus Bass + ML USA Bass, Brit Pre/Fryette hybrid + ML Zilla

    This is a test of my "Super Fuzz" preset which I've adapted to my current go to IRs to see how it sits in the mix. I still need to write another section to slot in before the ending, so this isn't a finished piece yet. More of a test run. The guitars are a Brit Pre with a Fryette tonestack...
  12. bluesk165

    Where do I put wah block in my preset?

    Hi, musicians I hope to know where do I put wah block in a preset. I usually use signal chain as following, 4CM/ pre 4/ post 4 Comp - Drive 1 - Drive 2 - PHR - CHO - DLY - REV Also, at real pedal board, I knew that Fuzz should go first of chain. What should I do in FX8 with wah and...
  13. S

    Pumpkins Siamese Dream Album Distortion?

    Hi everyone, was looking around for a Siamese Dream distortion from the Smashing Pumpkins. I know they layered guitars a lot for that album but has anyone been able to come close to that huge distortion? Only other thing I know is they loved using different distortion and fuzz pedals instead of...
  14. M

    Pi Fuzz Gone Mad?

    Hello All! I'm having a weird issue with the pi fuzz, it's beyond full blast pretty much regardless how I set it up, at default settings it is ridiculously fuzzy. I don't remember it being like this before. I'm on Quantum 2.0 and I've tried reloading the firmware and also resetting the system...
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