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  1. A

    problem solved

    problem solved.
  2. bigfoamfinger

    Axe Fx III and Power Station 2

    Just a quick personal note on this setup, and how amazing it sounds. I considered numerous power amp options but always knew I needed to try the Power Station, in order to get what most people consider the "closest" to sounding like a traditional tube amp setup. My PS came this weekend, and I...
  3. shaunb

    Quick demo with Fryette, Friedman, Bassman, Vox and ML Sound Lab tones.

    With Mikko of ML Sound Lab announcing his new Cab Pack competition I figured I'd post a demo of something I was working on recently. As I'm an ML Beta tester I'm not entering the comp, but it was a good excuse to post something from a couple of months back as a break from working on the album I...
  4. Andrea Maccianti

    Fryette Patch (FW Q 9.04)

  5. Marco Fanton

    AX8 - the Amazing Fryette!

    I love my AX8 and Fractal because not only the amazing sounds! Because the incredible amount of amazing amps I never hears before!!! Like this incredible Fryette!!!! I found it randomly on the amp list.... it is a punch on the stomach!!!! I combine Fryette with 59 bassguy amp with this 8 scenes...
  6. shaunb

    New guitar - Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet with Fryette, Friedman, Vox, ML USA Djent & Zilla cabs

    Hi everyone. It's been a while, I hope you're all well. I decided to treat myself to a Gretsch as I've always loved their guitars. I went for their more affordable Electromatic range and I'm really impressed with it. I actually got it as a little nod to Chris Cornell, he was rocking mostly...
  7. Keg8605

    1u Tube Power Amps

    I enjoy my Fryette Power Station but still want a 1u tube power amp. Having a hard time justifying the price of the LXII or Syn 50-50, neither of which is available yet anyways. Found these other options. Unfortunately nothing gives much hope of reliability. Kind of rolling the dice...
  8. Milco

    Fryette D60 Spanky Tone

    Hey guys, took me a while to dial in this tone, but I tried making a spanky tone that worked on my extended range guitars. Let me know what you think! Maybe recommend some other amps good for these situations?
  9. shaunb

    ML Brit Collection 2 Hard Rock tone test - HBE, BE and Fryette D60M

    Here's a quick test of some new IRs in the works from ML Sound Lab. UPDATE: This was recorded with a couple of single mic IRs from the new Brit Collection 2. Amps used are Friedman HBE and BE (the old one, not V1 or V2), the Fryette D60M is in there too. Bass tracked with the Citrus Bass 200...
  10. shaunb

    Low tuned heavy fuzz rock - Citrus Bass + ML USA Bass, Brit Pre/Fryette hybrid + ML Zilla

    This is a test of my "Super Fuzz" preset which I've adapted to my current go to IRs to see how it sits in the mix. I still need to write another section to slot in before the ending, so this isn't a finished piece yet. More of a test run. The guitars are a Brit Pre with a Fryette tonestack...
  11. shaunb

    Drop A song - ML Cab Pack 24 Dizzy with Brit Pre/Fryette hybrid and FAS Modern II

    I wrote this song a while back as part of an audition for a band playing in Drop A. I revisited the material and I really like the tuning now, so I might work the songs I did into an EP or something. For this I used my Super Fuzz preset which is a Brit Pre with a Fryette tonestack and a Bender...
  12. G

    Advice Tweaking VHT 2150 (2902 users welcome)

    Hey guys, Finally got my VHT 2150 (kind of like a higher wattage 2902 if you haven't heard of it. I know I didn't before I bought one). Been running the output of the Axe FX relatively low with the volume on the power amp at around 10-11 o'clock. I like what that does to the tone. Also changing...
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