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  1. Veritas0Aequitas

    Wish Friedman Naked Mk II Amp (Black and White Models)

    This amp in both iterations would be amazing to add to the Fractal arsenal if at all possible. That’s my wish. See below for videos on it. I love that black version.
  2. Jack_Zan

    Periphery - the way the news goes (preset + cabs)

    hello everyone, here is my periphery cover. I was able to make this tonematch thanks to the separate tracks from the producer pack. I exported the tonematches and saved them as a cab block. In the description of the video on youtube you will find all the necessary links to download everything...
  3. redhedded1

    SOLD Friedman NoHo 24 Medium Relic, Trans Grey AAA Quilt Maple Top

    Mint condition bought brand new in March 2022, so I am the sole owner and it has never has left my home studio room (non-smoker). Most time spent in case or going back to case in closet. The tuning ability in just replacing the Gotoh bridge saddles with Wilkinson locking bridge saddles is...
  4. M

    First Day with the FM3

    Hi Forum! being a first-time FA customer, I just received my FM3, yesterday. Loved the personal touch G66.eu added to the whole process of ordering. And the included chocolate is always nice. ;D Anyway, I love the smell, sound, and pain of real tube amps. However, I sometimes find myself in...
  5. Saarang Narayan

    Friedman BE/HBE Thump Values?

    EDIT: I confused the thump switch with the "Freq." switch on the BE-100. Question still remains the same tho! What frequencies is the "Freq." switch changing the Thump/Depth knob to? Does anybody know what Depth frequency value to assign in order to mimic the Friedman BE-100 Deluxe thump...
  6. muudrock

    FS Friedman BE 50 DLX

    Mint condition Friedman BE 50 Deluxe 3 channel all tube amplifier - Clean, BE and HBE channels, effects loop, half power switch. The ultimate Marshall style amp with Saturation switch, Gain Structure switch, Fat switch and 3 position voicing switch. Never left the studio. Comes with original...
  7. cdub

    Testament - Return to Serenity Solo

    Hoping this world does sooner rather than later, but in the meantime I tested my own serenity trying to learn this solo. I've gotten somewhat close. Clean and lead patches are attached if anyone would like to have them. Enjoy.
  8. TubeStack

    FS Friedman ASM/12 (Ontario, Canada)

    Friedman powered speaker. 500W. Sounds amazing and is a lot more fun than a standard PA speaker. Great cab-like thump with lots of power and clarity. Sells new for $1349+tax. $600. Local pickup in Kitchener area only, no shipping. Not interested in trades, thanks.
  9. TubeStack

    NGD: Friedman Vintage T P90 Neck

    Picked this up today and love it! Super comfortable to play and sounds amazing. Love the neck carve and overall feel, so addictive, and the pickups are killer. Great local deal, got it used (it’s a 2018). Put some new strings on and adjusted the pickup and pole piece heights, otherwise...
  10. Iskandar Iis

    Alterbridge - Open Your Eyes (band cover)

    Heiii, me and my band tryn to cover alterbridge - open your eyes, hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you
  11. Mark Pritchard

    The Office Theme Tune Cover

    I absolute love this show so thought I'd do a quick cover of the opening theme.

    FM3 (Friedman BE C45) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 47 😉

    🇫🇷 Impro avec la belle Luke III 2020 HH sur “Mellow Soulful Groove in E” de chez Elevated Jam Tracks avec le Friedman BE C45 du FM3. 🎸😉 🇺🇸 Impro with the beautiful Luke III 2020 HH on "Mellow Soulful Groove in E” from Elevated Jam Tracks with the Friedman BE C45 of the FM3. 🎸😉
  13. Andrea Maccianti

    AFIII Presets Friedman 2020 Preset

    Hey friends! Here my Friedman 2020 preset for Fractal Audio AxeFx2 and AxeFx3. Has 8 Scenes. NO Post Processing, NO Post Production, NO Comps, NO EQs, NO Fx. Only the Preset. Hope you like it! And Happy Holidays to everyone! 😊🎸
  14. ProgressiveRocco

    Quick prog-metal riff

    Had the pleasure to take part in this awesome Mega Riff collab 🤘 I'm using the Friedman HBE model throughout the whole thing, and for the first time I'm experimenting with an added octaver+fuzz for the riff @ 00:14 😎 Hope you guys dig it! Happy Holidays 🥂
  15. Balrog

    SOLD Friedman ASM-12 Active Monitor for Sale - Michigan

    SOLD Near mint condition, I'm the original owner and it has never left my home. Comes with power cord and owner's manual. Works perfectly, and it's a beast! Local pick-up preferred, I am willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet the buyer. I'm in southeast Michigan near Lake Orion. $650...
  16. bigswifty

    I cloned myself and made a cover of the Trailer Park Boys theme.. in the style of Gypsy Jazz

    Used the AX8 for the GB10 hollow body tone! I think it was actually the Dirty Shirley model, which turned out to have a beautiful hollow body jazz sound.
  17. Dynamic1022

    The Godfather - Parla più piano

    This song is from the movie The Godfather and is written by the Italian composer Nino Rota. I've been using 2 guitars and 3 presets for this song. My Eastman T184 MX and my new Maton EBG 808 Nashville. In the beginning i'm using a Bludojai clean for my Eastman. For my acoustic guitar a SV BAS...
  18. Burgs

    Four Amps. Preset & video demo.

    Four bread and butter amps with which to demo guitars and pedals on Youtube (something I do a lot). You might find them useful too. Preset d/l: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7898
  19. Burgs

    Friedman Fun. By request. Preset (free) and demo vid.

    @Rafa Diaz asked me to have a go at a Friedman preset. I don't own a Friedman and have never tried one in the real world, but the models sure are fun. Note that there are significant differences between the Cab Channels, specifically A and C. C has the cab/s most people defer to and A is a swag...

    —> 5mn avec un FM3 #2 - Presets 17 à 26 🎸

    —> 5mn avec un FM3 #2 - Presets 17 à 26. 🎸😊 Fender, Vox, Bogner, Soldano, Friedman, CAE3+ … 🇺🇸 Review of the Factory Presets 17 to 26 of the FM3. 🇫🇷 Passage en revue des Presets d'usine 17 à 26 du FM3.
  21. Frank Pearl

    Strat and Friedman HBE

    i Love so much this kind of sound. The axe is so so dynamic under the fingers, It reminds me some Andy Timmons stuffs.
  22. Georgy

    How to run my JJ Jnr amp --> Axe-Fx XL --> Suhr Reactive Load?

    Hey Guys, I've searched YouTube, I've googled, I've even come back to the Fractal Forum to try and find something but havn't been so lucky.. My Friedman JJ Jnr amp is a few weeks away from arriving. I wanna be able to use it in 4CM.. so I can hear the amp through my 1x12 cab but ALSO so...
  23. Mark Pritchard

    Back To The Future Theme - Guitar Cover (80's Preset)

    Hi, this is my cover of my favorite movie theme (Back To The Future) using my AX8 but if you want the preset, i think you can use Fractool to convert. Thanks. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/attachments/bttf-hbe-mp-syx.60251/
  24. Mark Pritchard

    Back To The Future Theme - Guitar Cover + Preset (80's style)

    Hi everyone, here is a cover of the Back To The Future theme i did using a preset i made which was inspired by @Mark Day. Cheers.
  25. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman BE-100 Deluxe

    New Video with A.M. Friedman BE-100 DELUXE for FractalAudio axefx2 axefx3 and AX8. 6 Scenes. Hope you enjoy! :)
  26. shaunb

    Evolve - HBE C45 & Recto1 Red with ML Mars PR-H75

    Quick test run of the PR-H75 Mix A IR from ML Sound Lab Mars PR Bundle cab pack with a Friedman and a Recto. For cab pack details visit https://ml-sound-lab.com
  27. Dynamic1022

    Pink Floyd - "On the turning away" (cover)

    I've made a cover from the beautifull song On the turning away from Pink Floyd. I Just play the electric guitar parts. This cover is not how it's original has been played, it's my own interpretation of this song. ( Just because i am not as near as good as Mister Gilmour himself) For the preset...
  28. jmadden5124

    ML Labs.. Cab or Amp packs??

    Okay newbie question for y'all.. I have question for you kind folks.. I see ML Labs has a 20% Easter Sale on all of their cab packs and amp packs. I hear they're very good. I myself am interested in their Freeman Cab pack based on greenback and V30s from a vintage Friedman cab. The YouTube...

    ML Freeman Cab Pack | Based on a Friedman 4x12 with Greenbacks and V30s

    Official info: https://ml-sound-lab.com/products/freeman-cab-pack It was years ago when I started a poll about what Cab Packs you want me to make and the Friedman 4x12 was one of the top wishes. Sorry it took so long but boy was it worth the wait. I'm not much of a hype person but I'll say...
  30. Recon24

    As the Crow Flies Riff - Friedman 2018 + ML Mars Silver

    Working on some more Alluvial riffs with this fun bit from As the Crow Flies. Using the SM57 A single mic IR from the new ML Mars Silver cab pack here. T808MOD > Friedman 2018 > CAB
  31. DTS

    Original, Plini influenced riffing

    I made a great sounding rhythm tone using the Friedman HBE V1 + ML 4x12 Djent IR. I really enjoy how this combo sounds and feels. I've been listening a lot Plini lately and I think it shows in this riff idea.
  32. Brian Coonan

    Friedman rattle

    Hi guys - wondering if any of you who have the ASM12 have ever heard something like this rattle I'm hearing. Here's what I've done to rule things out: Swapped cables, swapped guitars, ran out of the AX8 from both outs (although, I'm pretty sure this isn't an AX8 issue), engaged and disengaged...
  33. Andrea Maccianti

    Sick Finger Friedman Brown Eye

    My finger is always aching but I can not sit still.
  34. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 412 FMAN 6-pack

    Available now from OwnHammer.com is the 412 FMAN! Based on the 4x12 from this legendary amp maker and modder for the stars, this pack is centered around the pinnacle of sound for hot-rodded British tones. The 6-Pack bundle library utilizes pairs of the most popular speakers for this...
  35. Guitarjon

    PHAT! (Axe FX III fw1.14, Schecter KM6 MKII & OH 412 FMAN content)

    Hey guys, Here's a new track with the latest firmware. Loving the sound and feel of this device! I'm running my Schecter KM6 MKII through the Recto 2 mordern amp block for the heavy parts using an OwnHammer 412 FMAN MIX ir from the 412 FMAN six-pack. Gotta love how those Seymour Duncan pickups...
  36. Andrea Maccianti

    "Friedman Brown Eye" Live Audio Camera

    The audio was taken from my smartphone. That's it :)
  37. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman JJ-100 Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains)

  38. Andrea Maccianti

    Fractal vs UAD Amp Emulation - Friedman DIRTY SHIRLEY

    Very often I am asked this question "which one is better"? I made this video with emulation A and emulation B by Friedman Dirty Shirley. I did not use my patch, I preferred to leave the basic settings. NO FX, only dry sound. Judge you, I love them and use them both. Same guitar, same amp, same...
  39. Guitarjon

    Progressive metal with FW10.01 and the upcoming OH 412 FMAN

    Hi all, Loving the new firmare so I made a full song demo. I'm using my new Pink Ibanez Prestige RGT320Z, KILLER guitar! The amp model is the USA Lead IIC++ which is often very good for tight metal crunch tones. For the cab part I'm using one of the 6 speakers from the upcoming OwnHammer 412...
  40. SalazarMcMantis

    "Tornado of Souls"

    #2: Megadeth - Tornado of Souls. Both the rhythm and solo are tonematched, each saved as a user cab. Guitar used was an Ibanez RG570 with a Dimarzio Super Distortion. I did the easy half of the solo, I'm not ready to embarrass myself on here with the other half yet. Scene 1 is rhythm, scene 2...
  41. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman Brown Eye

    It has 6 Scenes. I hope you enjoy! :)
  42. K

    Axe 2 xl+ Free Presets

    I just got my fractal on Friday and here are some free presets to share. Influenced by Van Halen and Dokken. If anyone wants to tweak them and post the new preset that would be great.
  43. shaunb

    Quick demo with Fryette, Friedman, Bassman, Vox and ML Sound Lab tones.

    With Mikko of ML Sound Lab announcing his new Cab Pack competition I figured I'd post a demo of something I was working on recently. As I'm an ML Beta tester I'm not entering the comp, but it was a good excuse to post something from a couple of months back as a break from working on the album I...
  44. A

    HBE w/ ML Cab Pack 13 (Contextual)

  45. Arkks

    Heavy Friedman tones, Mayones, GGD, FW9.03.

    Quick riff to test a few tonal ideas. Let me know what you think. Arkks.
  46. shaunb

    Tone Test - "ML - Mikko N' Fortus - Impulses for Destruction"

    Here's a little Gunners(ish) rock song to check out the new "ML - Mikko N' Fortus - Impulses for Destruction" cab pack from ML Sound Lab. It's just a quick and rough recording to hear how it sounds. The Soundcloud upload sounds a bit crappy for some reason. Oh well. I used the Friedman HBE and...
  47. Arkks

    Prog Metal heavy tone test (Friedman HBE V2) 9.02

    Hi guys just a quick little test of the my latest heavy tone using the Friedman HBE v2. Let me know what you think. Arkks
  48. Mike Spreitzer

    DevilDriver / AudioVaultStudio Presets

    Hey fellow fractal users!! Mike Spreitzer from DevilDriver here. I uploaded 6 presets into the Axe Change yesterday. 3 high-gain and 3 cleans. Feel free to tell me how much you love or hate them. Love the feedback.
  49. Marco Fanton

    Friedman Dirty Shirley and Fender Bandmaster

    One of my favorite Fractal amp simulation: the Friedman Dirty Shirley Clean tone with Fender Band Master
  50. Milco

    Milco - Spanky Distortion Tone!

    Really spent some time dialing in this spanky distortion tone! All Axe FX 2 in this one. Let me know what you think!
  51. Milco

    Coil Split Distortion

    Really wanted a spanky tone for this intro. Split my Dimarzio Ionizer pickup and put it through the friedman amp and blam! I'm pretty happy with how this tone turned out. Let me know what you think!
  52. K

    Friedman BE/HBE SAT switch

    Hi fine folks! I have been trying out the sat switch on the Friedman models and have noticed that the Saturation Drive is default on 4(like any other amp), while other amps that use the diode/jose sat switch have another default value. (Atomica high: 3, CCV: 3.330 or 10, Brit Brown: 6.667). Im...
  53. shaunb

    New guitar - Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet with Fryette, Friedman, Vox, ML USA Djent & Zilla cabs

    Hi everyone. It's been a while, I hope you're all well. I decided to treat myself to a Gretsch as I've always loved their guitars. I went for their more affordable Electromatic range and I'm really impressed with it. I actually got it as a little nod to Chris Cornell, he was rocking mostly...
  54. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman BE-100

    Available also for AX8. Check it out and Keep Rocking' !!!! :D
  55. J

    Suggestions to improve this tone. Any advice appreciated (Sweep/Cafo tone)

    Hi everyone, I have been reading a lot of posts about getting tight bass sound and about recording on this forum. It has been really helpful and just wanted to thanks everyone for their input. Now onto the issue at hand, I am trying to record with my Axe XL+/ Logic x and output going to my...
  56. progmachine

    New Custom 7-String - Time to test it out! (Dalbello Guitars)

    Hey Everyone! Just acquired a new guitar recently and I thought I'd share a clip of how it's sounding! Rhythm tone - Friedman HBE Crunchy - Friedman BE Clean tone - Suhr Badger IR is Misha Mix 4 in the recent USA Djent Pack! @ML SOUND LAB
  57. Andrea Maccianti


    There are 2 separate patches. In the video you will find the link that will take you to the respective videos. In this video I used my Marshall Plexi 50w Jump for rhythmic minds for the lead, I used my Friedman SS100. I hope you enjoy! :)
  58. M

    New Hybrid Rig: AFXII + Xitone + Smallbox + Mojotone

    Just finishing up the latest version of my hybrid rig. It includes my AFXII and a stereo pair of Xitone open back cabs. I decided to mix it up (again) and bought a Friedman Smallbox combined with a custom Mojotone 2x12 (diagonal) cab loaded with a pair of Celestion Heritage G12Ms. I've been...
  59. ProgressiveRocco

    First notes on the AX8 [+ patch download]

    What's up dudes! :cool: I usually tend to stick to 3 main sounds on my AxeFx2: 1) an ultra-clean tone with no breakup at all 2) a crunch tone for classic rock/bluesy type stuff 3) a full on, balls to the wall, Marshall-flavored hi-gain tone I literally dialed these sounds in on my new AX8 in...
  60. 2112

    BE vs HBE

    Like most of the people who post here, I'm a big fan of the BE/HBE models for fat, punchy rock tones. I created a preset and shot a quick video to demonstrate the tonal differences between the two models when set the same (basic amp controls, dynamics, motor drive etc). I prefer the V2 models...
  61. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman Dirty Shirley "Quantum 8.00 Beta"

    Testing a new firmware release Quantum 8.00 Beta Let me know :)
  62. Brian Coonan

    Friedman ASM-12

    I will just say - I thought I loved the AX8 plugged into my computer monitors. All the people that said this thing sounds like a guitar cab were right - totally has a great "sound" or I should say, totally replicates the sound from the AX8 great. Can't wait to play live with this rig! I hope...
  63. Marco Fanton

    Redsound RS-LG12 FR active speaker - Fractal AX8 Friedman sim

    Audio & video with Zoom Q8
  64. Marco Fanton

    AX8 Friedman BE patch

    Happy Easter
  65. Andrea Maccianti

    "ANDRE PATCH" Friedman SS100 (Quantum 7.02)

    I decided to call it that because it is one of my personal and favorite patches, one of those I use most often because it is very complete and versatile. From Clean to Blues, from Hard Rock to Shred until you get to Heavy Metal. Has 6 Scenes (Last Scene with Wha) Factory Cabs here. P.S. Sorry...
  66. U

    Having trouble finding good info on drop tuning FRFR setup

    I play drop C in a hard rock (wouldn't say metal, but some songs 'get there') band with an off the boat Russian (hard hitting) drummer. I just made the AXE FX II XL+ purchase and I've been driving myself nuts looking at the different speaker options. I was originally looking at the Matrix...
  67. progmachine

    Riffin' out - Trying out new Rhythm Tone

    Hey all! I wrote some new riffs to try out a new rhythm tone of mine as well as the GGD Halpern Drums update! Enjoy!
  68. Andrea Maccianti


  69. Andrea Maccianti


  70. shaunb

    Into The Unseen - electro heavy rock with a bit of industrial maybe?

    This song was inspired by an AxeFX preset shared online by someone that I thought was pretty cool. It wasn't until after I had finished it and showed a few people that I was told the effect is a replication of an effect used on a Muse song. It's a bit of a shame, I've never heard the song before...
  71. Detch

    Friedman HBE V1, in one of the heaviest tracks I mixed

    usually for this kind of stuff I use standards like 6160 or DasMetal, but for these guys I went for Friedman HBE v1, and oh boy how cool it turned out to be! It gave that required tight sharpness and djenty feel. very cool
  72. Guitarjon

    Melodic, edge of break-up cleans, SM box, OH 212 3QTR and strings!

    Hey guys, It's time for something mellow, melodic and with a little emotion. I wrote and recorded this song a little while ago when I was trying out some new OwnHammer IR's from the new California Duo pack. The 212 3QTR cab is quite a special little gem that shouldn't be overlooked. For this...
  73. Sustainerplayer

    The Instagram “challenge” - one minute songs

    A little while ago I started making short songs that fits the Instagram video format that is limited to one minute. I make a new song each week. I like the idea of having the limited time to present a “full song”. And that most people will hear it only once. Thus not challenging their...
  74. shaunb

    ML Brit Collection 2 Hard Rock tone test - HBE, BE and Fryette D60M

    Here's a quick test of some new IRs in the works from ML Sound Lab. UPDATE: This was recorded with a couple of single mic IRs from the new Brit Collection 2. Amps used are Friedman HBE and BE (the old one, not V1 or V2), the Fryette D60M is in there too. Bass tracked with the Citrus Bass 200...
  75. progmachine

    Hard Rock / Metal Demo! (Friedman HBE + ML Sound Lab Beta!)

    Hey everyone!! Here I'm demo'ing out a new mix template I made (a starting point for my new songs) and I included a new ML IR coming out soon that I immediately loved! Signal chain: T808 -> Friedman HBE (Original) -> Brit II -> Mr. Computer EDIT: The IR is the one from the new Brit Pack by...
  76. X-Mann

    BLOWN away by the FX8 mkii....X's Journey

    Hey, hey my Fractal brothers..... I thought I'd share my basic reaction & just plain shock as to how good the new FX8 is..... My Fractal journey started not that long ago w/ the AX8......Here's a link to where I had my eyes opened by Fractal Audio & its killer community...
  77. JeremyRhoades

    Progressive Instrumental - Mesa/Friedman/FAS Crunch/Synth

    All Axe FX II, including synth and bass! SD2 for drums. Guitar amps used: Rhythm - Recto 1 Orange Modern/Friedman HBE Leads - FAS Crunch Cleans - Shiver Clean/USA Clean.
  78. progmachine

    Rage Against The Machine - "Bombtrack" Cover Video

    Hey all, I posted the audio of this cover here a long time ago but my buddy and I decided to make a whole playthrough for it! I hope you guys like it! For the mix, what your hearing in the chorus is mostly my bass tone and the guitars is a Friedman patch with low input drive. :)
  79. Guitarjon

    Some good old rock 'n roll! (Smallbox, OH MAR-CB M20-PR, JTV-59)

    Hi friends! I just uploaded a new tune that I made to demo the new Ownhammer Marshall-CB G12M 'pre-rola' release. It's kind of inspired by bands such as Led Zeppelin and Ac/dc but with some country rock vibes. The Friedman Smallbox worked so well for this tune. It's chewy and warm and it pairs...
  80. progmachine

    The Contortionist - "Arise" (FAS Modern + Friedman HBE)

    Here's a cover of "Arise" by The Contortionist! I had a lot of fun learning this and their guitar-work is very inspiring to me! Enjoy!
  81. boardwlk17

    Friedman Phil X model

    I know it can be done, is there a PHIL X model in the Axe? Or what FRIEDMAN model do I use and what needs to be changed? Can we get the Phil X model in the Axefx2?
  82. flash6969

    Friedman SS100 preset

    My version of a Friedman SS100 amp. I have a real SS100 so I know what these amps sound like & have tried to recreate Steve's signal path & favourite tone tricks. Steve likes gain & lots of mids, so feel free to adjust the mids to your taste. Cabs are: - 4x12 Basketweave (for the G25) - use a 57...
  83. Kjaris

    Katatonia My Twin using JVM and Friedman models with Own Hammer IRs and Ezdrummer Progressive

    https://www.reverbnation.com/Kjaris/song/25689702-my-twin--katatonia-cover- Let me know what you guys think! All guitars and bass are Axe direct with Own Hammer IRs. Drums are mostly EZDrummer 2 Progressive with a couple blended snare and kick samples to sweeten them up! Cheers!
  84. Burgs

    Friedman Smallbox action. I like it!

    Smallbox fever. Try the preset for yourself. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4196

    Friedman BE V2 with ML Dizzy K100 sounding fat and full

    There was a request for non-metal clips from the Dizzy K100 so since it's a NGD (Gibson LP Standard) and there are new Friedman amp sims there was no way I was not messing around with these. Unsurprisingly all amp settings are stock and the IR's work like a dream. Here's a pop rock type vibe...
  86. shaunb

    Friedman HBE & BE both voicings on hard rocker with Cab Pack 20

    Trying out the new voicing options on the HBE and BE amps. HBE for main rhythms with the same settings except V1 on the left side and V2 on the right. Same deal with the BE V1 and V2 when the quad tracking kicks in. No drive blocks, just amp and cab with a noise gate in front. Got to play with...
  87. Crapshoes

    Q1.05 vs Q2.00 Friedman HBE

    Description for the Soundcloud link: This is a comparison between Firmware 1.05 and 2.00 for the Axe-Fx MK-II XL+ The first sample is Q1.05 and the second is Q2.00 The amp in this comparison is the Friedman HBE, and the settings in all of the blocks within the preset are exactly the same...
  88. X-Mann

    Tone is in the fingers........but...

    As a middle aged weekend cover band warrior, I've realized that "Yes", tone is in the fingers & hands that we all currently own right now :eek: While I await the AX8 & dream of the tonal possibilities, I take a look back at what I've created w/ the modelers of X-Mas past. Note: This is a for...
  89. erockomania

    HBE on Quantum with new OwnHammer EWH cab mix... is... amazing.

    Hey guys! Ok, so I've been a Herbie chnl 3 whore for like a year... but, uh, I think the HBE on Quantum with the new OH EWH cab mix is my favorite thing ever. This is pretty much exactly the tone I've been hearing in the my head. Super quick throw-away riff here but damn... so juicy! Skervesen...
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